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According to Baba Nihal Singh in India when talking to the teenagers there, "Yogi Bhajan is a very sick man in spirit".

Date:   1/17/2006 12:59:29 AM ( 15 y ago)

Statement from Former Member of 3HO
Posted Nov. 2, 2000

Dear Humans,

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words. This is not how I wanted it to end. This was not my dream. This is a sad time for me. These are my opinions, my thoughts as I tell you my story. For every person on earth there is a valid reality of experiences, emotions and beliefs that are forever changing. They are real and true to that person at that time and I honor that.

I have known many people who joined 3HO for all the right reasons. You probably were or are one of them. I joined in 1974. I had a 3HO wedding and my kids had 3HO names at birth. My husband and I were content to be in 3HO for the rest of our lives. For eighteen years we tried to be the best examples to our selves and our community that we could be.

I personally know how denial feels. I know what the pain feels like to watch my family go through a process of cult discovery. I remember people trying to pry our eyes open to the facts. Well, we weren't ready for it. We didn't want to believe it. How dare you tear away everything we believed in and held to be sacred? The lesson learned: Never bow to a man. The lesson taught by Guru Nanak ji: Never bow to a man.

It wasn't my friends or their intentions ripping at our hearts that hurt so much. It was the discovery that a man and his empire that we held to be sacred were just awful. A man who I considered to be my "Spiritual Teacher" wasn't. His betrayal hurt and when we reached out to understand he simply turned his back forever.

In my opinion the last thing our beloved Guru Nanak wanted was another religion. My teacher didn't teach me Sikhism he taught me Bhajanism. Yogi Bhajan has so inflamed the Sikh community of the world that they have banned him from all but one Gurudwara in North America and have tried to kill him on occasion. There's a perfectly good religion, if you want that sort of thing, being followed by over six million followers. They will show you true Sikhism but you're going to have to give up your Bhajanism to embrace it.

Life is about evolution. Coming in to body at point "A" and leaving the body at point "B". The distance between points A and B is the extent of your evolution. We evolve through our experiential emotional body. The events are an illusion, if you don't believe me then just ask Guru Arjun ji. Folks, you are a being that is not of this world that has taken up residency in third dimension in your hu-man body and looks back at me through your eyes. We are 100% spirit so it is impossible for you to be more spirit-ual. However you can increase your awareness of this fact. There is nothing outside of yourself that is going to give you your power back. I am I am.

Okay, as you know there are some court documents that are coming in to the public view. These documents are not about who you are so please do not be offended. There is no offense intended and no offense taken. Simply read the documents and form your own opinion.

Go to the Rick Ross web site and read the Mark Baker Case specifically the University of California at Berkeley Sociology Professor Richard Ofshe affidavit. With that in mind be sure to read the KATE FELT and PREMKA COMPLAINTS in detail. These reports will be available on the Rick Ross website shortly. Perhaps we can post a note to everyone on this site when that time comes.

Over the years many of us have been faced with an integrity decision. In many ways and forms we have prayed to be shown the Truth and so when it showed up we were shocked. This wasn't the Truth we were seeking (Sikhing) or was it? Anyway, we were shown that our "spiritual teacher" and his closest lieutenants were operating way out of integrity. A place that we certainly didn't stand for and we had to make a choice. Some chose to sell their soul and look the other way while others chose to keep their integrity intact and simply walk away. Some simply became fanatical and tried to push it away. Those who chose to walk away were ten times greater than Yogi Bhajan the day they walked in to 3HO.

All cult members loved these people who chose to walk away for years at a time and then one day they were shunned by the very same people as directed by their "spiritual teacher". If you don't think Yogi Bhajan has personal agenda's you are totally mistaken. According to Baba Nihal Singh in India when talking to the teenagers there, "Yogi Bhajan is a very sick man in spirit".

It is time that we start telling our own stories and sharing those stories right here on this forum. What will come out of this is a book about survival, a book about graduation.

Are you still in Grade school? No, so what happened. Did you out grow it and did you "Graduate"? Are you still in High School? No, so what happened. Did you out grow it and did you "Graduate"? Are you still in College? No, so what happened. Did you out grow it and did you "Graduate"? Are you still in 3HO? No, so what happened. Did you out grow it and did you "Graduate"?

When you have learned what you came to learn then it is time to move on with your lessons. You can take your lessons once for credit and if you really liked it then you can take your lessons again for pass/fail but that's it No Loitering!

Did I bring Yogi Bhajan down? No. Am I his greatest enemy? No. Yogi Bhajan is responsible for his own actions and will be held accountably so. Guru Ram Das can't get him out of this one. These reports are his doings and not yours and not mine. I will take credit for being brave enough to pursue them and to bring them out of the darkness and into the light. Now it is up to you and your consciousness as to what to do with them. What questions will you ask? What answers will you seek? Or will you simply look the other way?


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