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Premature aging: One year ago, I looked like my skin was melting off my face. I looked like a walking corpse. What an improvement a year of treating my body right made.

Date:   9/4/2005 5:09:34 AM ( 17 y ago)

My Health So Far--12 Months After Starting Curezone Cleansing & Dieting.

Diminishing symptoms thanks to persistent cleansing.

I've done 18 liver flushes since September of 2004, plus many, many other things to regain my health. My goal was be healthy again within 1 year, so here's my progress:

Premature aging: I looked like my skin was melting off my face. It was sore, red & looked like I was left in the oven for a few minutes. I went from looking 20 to looking like I was dying. The closest I can describe it is a what a druggie looks like. My skin was red, sore, and literally drooping from my cheeks. Now my skin looks almost normal again. There is a slight redness on my forhead that doesn't look too bad. I usually put a little coverup on before I go out, but I don't cake it on like a circus clown as I did a year ago = ) The horizontal line between my eyes is a memory. My cheeks are still low, but I can tell they are coming back up. It's a slow process and I'm trying to have patience. If I hold a mirror up an inch away from my face, I can see my skin doesn't look tight like before, but I'm willing to give it time because the body can only rejuvinate a mess like me one step at a time.

Jaundice--It's gone.

Dreams--completely better. Not only do I have fantastic dreams, my mind races wildly from dream to dream, thinking up wonderful fantasies a mile a minute. I
don't remember being like that since I was a little girl. :)

Concentration--completely better.

Short term memory--better.

Sex drive--Yup.

Gas--I don't get a lot of it. I think I get as much or maybe a tad more than regular people, but it's not a big deal...Sometimes if I buy the wrong brand of vegetables, some problems come back and gas is one of them. I try to be super careful, but other than that, I'm better.

Bad Breath--It's gettting better too. It seems my bad breath is one of the last symptoms to go. It is coming on and off right now, which is wonderful compared to the nasty rancid dead rat taste I had in my mouth on a constant basis before.

Body odor--It's greatly improved. When I say I was bad..I mean I was bad. Even my bedroom stunk! Now sometimes I smell little musky and people notice it at work, but I also have a tendancy to sweat a lot due to my health and I do a lot of running around to get ready for work and then when I get to work I run around a lot too, but I think I smell just muskier than others and they don't seem to pay too much attention to it, besides the times I eat low quality veggies. There is a health food store I will not buy from anymore for this reason. From now on I'd rather drive 20 miles to get what I need.

Balance--No problem there.

Dry skin--No problem there!

Acne--It's still there, but the big "horn" zits are gone. Now I have to work on the many little ones I get. My forhead is still red and sore.

Hair loss--It's stopped falling out on it's own. Infact, it is starting to grow in a lot faster. I think I owe a thanks to my superfood, Sun Chlorella A and liver flushing.

Dry Hair--Here is the down is still dry and brittle. It gets knotted up when i take a shower and I have to literally pour detangler over my head to get through it. When I comb it out, it does come out because I have to unknot it. If I could get my hair luster back, It will be completely better. Even so, people compliment me on how pretty my hair is more than anything else, go figure?

Dry eyes--better.

Phlegm--I notice it about once a week now. Before it was constant and I could smell it in my throat, like how you can smell it on someone when you catch cold.

Muscle tone--Still poor. My muscle mass is one of the last/slowest parts of my body to heal, as is my skin.

Migraines--bye bye.

Constipation--a thing of the past.

Sensitivities to foods & chemicals--not so good & I don't dare cheat on my diet.

Insane itching--I only get it when I do liver flushes due to toxins passing through my digestive system, but I'm better.

Psoriasis--It is gone! = )

So I am not completely cured, but I am so close compared being a walking corpse like a year ago...That is a huge difference. My new goal is December of 2005. I want to spend the next year of my life and every year of my future healthy.

My focus points are:

1. Getting my skin elastisity back, which I think it will do in the next 3 months.
2. Improving muscle mass.
3. Start using Shea Cream and skin brushing with the new microfiber cloth I bought.
4. Taking more vitamin b12. Sun Clorella A has it, but I remember when I was taking
before I started Sun Chlorella A and my nails got thick.



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