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Date:   6/22/2006 6:47:05 AM ( 17 y ago)

I just had another case of what I call lack of Self-Initiative when it comes to healing.
The Patient suffered severe Back Pains that was obviously changing in its intensity depending on her Psychological state.
She reacted very positive to the Dorn Method Therapy and was basically free of Pain after just three sessions within 2 weeks.
When she returned recently with similar problems I found out that she was only doing her Self Help Exercises in the very beginning and as soon as her condition improved she `forgotī to do them. Beside that we discussed non-physical issues that accompany her condition and she agreed that she will address these issues as well.
The following Therapy brought her again relief but only to see her coming back again this time even sooner than the first time, why?
She said that she was not getting any support from her husband motivating her to do the exercises and she felt stressed in her relationship in general.
The pressure at home was only less whenever she was not well she said.
We discussed all again and she realized that it is her who needs to do the change despite the surrounding circumstances!
I suggested to her that she will improve everything including her Non-physical issues by simply showing more Self-Initiative in doing the necessary Self-Help Exercises as I told her and that this will positively influence not only her Physical condition but also her Relationship, Self-esteem and how she deals in the future with Non-physical issues because she is now in control of her healing.
She did not return for another Therapy so far and after contacting her she confirmed that her life changed in a never expected way and the little Self-Initiative she had to invest was followed by a strong Self-Motivation to handle all future Life challenges by herself!
This was a very encouraging development and it convinced me that I want to share this with everyone interested, so I improved my website again adding several Demonstration Videos to the Self Help Exercises for easier understanding.

Please check it out yourself and visit:

Do yourself a favor and try it yourself! It will only `cost` you a few minutes of Self-Initiative doing the recommended Exercises and a little will to work on any Non-physical issues as well.
I would appreciate if you then write about your experiences here on and also in my guestbook so other people can benefit with you.


Enjoy the summer:


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