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In the last few weeks I have become aware of different liquid protocols. ACV - the magic bullet - at least it's getting a lot of credit for a lot of things. Cinnamon and Cloves - the top two for stimulating insulin production and reducing blood sugar. My readings lately have been in the mid prediabetic range. Then there is seasalt, baking soda and other things. So, I created my own cocktail.

Date:   5/24/2007 6:57:18 AM ( 16 y ago)

3 sticks of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of cloves (about 25 by count)

I soak these in a half glass of water overnight, then boil in full glass in the microwave, Gets a nice rich colored tea. Put back in the fridge. Later pour in a 24 oz jar. I add 2 tbsp of ACV. 1/8 tsp of baking soda and a pinch to 1/8 tsp of seasalt.
Add water up to 16 oz total and top it off up to 24 oz with Ocean Spray cranberry juice.

A little tart, but not bad at all.

(Note: I am getting some pH strips to see exactly what kind of acidity I'm dealing with: in any case I always brush and rinse immediate after drinking this)

I'll see if I can get my blood sugar back down.
I am very near my target weight (that stubborn stuff around the middle). I hoping this will help with those final few.

Of course I have been very disciplined in my diet the last few weeks, which includes a salad (chopped up in a food processor) made from lettuce, cuccumbers, carrots and celerly. All, so-called, negative calorie foods. My salad dressing is 2 Tbsp of oil, 1 TBSP of ACV, 1 heaping tsp of sour cream.

As of today, in the last 8 weeks I have gone below 150 for the first time in 12 years. My target is 143-147 (according to BMI calculators)(I fast at least one day a week - and that's enough)



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