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Describes my journey into alternative medicine and my personal "health restore plan."

Date:   11/29/2006 8:19:56 PM ( 16 y ago)

I first turned toward cleansing a little while after discovering Cure Zone. My first impressions of this web site, I am somewhat embarassed to say, were fairly negative. It looked "crazy" to me, and I did not feel very open-minded about people who raved and raved about liver cleanses. But I was at my wit's end. I had been doing megavitamin therapy to cure my schizophrenia and had abandoned it after finally coming to terms with the fact that it wasn't working for me. The following is a synopsis of my first forays into alternative health. I originally included it in my web site, which I designed a couple of years ago and then eventually abandoned.


My journey into the world of alternative medicine began when I stumbled upon the “cure” for schizophrenia while searching the net.

After being diagnosed with this debilitating condition at the age of 22, I went through the gamut of hospitalization and medication. During this period, I read Deepak Chopra’s “Quantum Healing” and was intrigued by his accounts of “cures” for schizophrenia. In the book, he briefly mentions that glycine supplementation and kidney dialysis have each proved effective cures for schizophrenia -- glycine because it helps balance dopamine levels and dialysis because it filters toxins from the blood. Dialysis was neither practical nor desirable, so I searched the internet for glycine and schizophrenia. I found little. However, this short foray into alternative cures and the internet as health research tool lead to another “cure.” My searches soon began to return “orthomolecular medicine.”

I researched it some more and eventually scheduled an appointment with a prominent orthomolecular physician. Orthomolecular medicine has had success curing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses using therapeutic doses of vitamins. Depending on what “school” of orthomolecular medicine you or your doctor follow, this might involve, primarily, high doses of vitamin B-3, vitamin C, or doses of vitamin B-6. The first doctor that I saw put me on high doses of vitamin B-3 and vitamin C, along with other vitamins, minerals, and supplements. After four months, the depression that had accompanied my hallucinations disappeared and the hallucinations themselves were significantly reduced. During this time, however, I also had my first full-blown panic attacks. I did not make the connection to the vitamins, however, until a few months later. Finally, I stopped the vitamin program, and the panic attacks gradually subsided over the course of several more months. My symptoms of schizophrenia remained as they were, with no return to their former severity.

At this point, I was convinced that I had simply subscribed to the wrong “school” of orthomolecular medicine. So, I tried another. Instead of the Hoffer approach, I visited the Pfeiffer Treatment Center, in Warrenville, Illinois, and started a supplement program based around vitamin B-6. As my luck would have it, or so I thought, I was again “prescribed” a vitamin as part of my regimen that, this time, caused a panic attack within a few days. I did not stick around long enough to see if this program, like the first one, would also have beneficial results. The “side effects” were enough to make me stop it altogether and swear off synthetic vitamins. As I became involved with orthomolecular medicine, I became increasingly aware of the depth and breadth of the alternative medicine scene. I have learned that synthetic vitamins are essentially inert chemicals whose effects on the body can be unpredictable. In fact, they are not very dissimilar from drugs in their action, particularly at high doses, since they are essentially foreign substances to the body. A lot of people, however, have been cured of their mental illnesses through vitamin therapy.

I have learned a lot on this journey into the world of alternative health and medicine, but there is a lot more out there to be learned, quite to my surprise and delight! I knew very little about health before I fell ill aside from what I had been “fed” by the dominant medical institutions and their adjuncts. The power of “censorship” and cultural brainwashing cannot be underestimated!


So that was my experience with orthomolecular medicine. The birth of my personal "health restore plan" started the day I started to actually consider some of the therapies that CureZone members espoused. As I became increasingly disillusioned with orthomolecular medicine, CureZone started to look better and better. My incredulity waned.

Presently, I believe that there are three major health-related things causing me difficulty in my life:

1)I have genetically low levels of the neurotransmitter histamine. Carl Pfeiffer, pioneer of orthomolecular medicine, found that many schizophrenics, and many other members of the population as well, have this condition. For more on this, check out his book, "Nutrition and Mental Illness." From what I have read, no one knows for sure whether this can be cured nutritionally or whether it is simply genetic, but I am willing to bet, from what I have read about nutrition, that it can be cured by improving one's health and nutrition levels.

2) I have schizophrenia and take medicine for it. When I go off of the medicine, I become non-functional and out of control. When I'm on the medicine, it makes me feel miserable. Thankfully, however, I take a very low dose. Nevertheless, I still take a prescription drug once a day, and by no means does this contribute to my general health, if you know what I mean.

3)I am nearsighted. Studies by Dr. William Bates near the beginning of the 20th century showed that people who wear glasses to correct their vision problems chronically strain their eyes. In fact, from his point of view, all sight problems such as myopia and presbyopia can be reduced to eye strain. Natural vision, whether up-close or at a distance, is the product of a relaxed eye. Glasses themselves (and in this day, contact lenses) strain the muscles of the eyes. People who cure their vision via the Bates' method and other techniques report a sort of re-learning process, by which they learn to see not by straining but by natural vision techniques. For many, it changes their lives as old emotions arise, etc. If you think about it, one who wears contacts or glasses is constantly straining his/her eye muscles and is therefore never relaxed! This contributes to a negative state of being, including negative thoughts, and I think that this is definitely the case with me.

Of course, less than optimal nutrition (which I'll explain more about in the next post) and a general lack of exercise up until recently also make my life less than ideal. Ideally, I would eat a Weston Price/Nourishing Traditions diet and eat biodynamic fruits and vegetables, but the Nourishing Traditions diet is very expensive and time-consuming and biodynamic groceries are hard to come by. They are probably also expensive, though perhaps not more expensive than organic fruits and vegetables. There is a place in Berkeley, California, that sells Weston-Price-style foods, and so if I were to live there and buy their foods I could eliminate the "time-consuming" aspect of the Nourishing Traditions diet. But, although I love the Bay area and would love many aspects of living there, I don't know anyone in California save for some extended family. I prefer to stay on the familiar East Coast, close to friends and immediate family.

I have come up with a plan for restoring my health enough to cure the major illnesses that I have (hay fever, endometriosis, nearsightedness, mitral valve prolapse, schizophrenia, leaky gut, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue). I call this my "health restore plan." It has taken two years for me to come up with the plan in its present form, and, unfortunately, I am still on step one, after time spent doing research, trial and error, and planning, and after time spent living at home with little income for health-related endeavors and attending school full-time with little extra time or income to take care of my health. Once I discovered orthomolecular medicine, I committed to it fully and did it for about a year and a half. After that, though, it was hard both financially and psychologically to spend all my efforts on my health. Hopefully, I am now at the point where I can commit to a plan. Here is an outline of my plan:

1)a)Switch to a healthy diet and spring water for a water source.
b)Exercise 6x/week.
c)Lose the extra weight that I have on me (50 lbs. overweight), in part through 1
tbsp./coconut oil 2x/day (1x in the morning & 1x in the late afternoon) and in
part by not eating after 6 p.m. (also through diet and exercise)
d)Liver flushes (Andreas Moritz protocol)
e)Homeopathy (as long as is necessary, work with practitioner)
f)Craniosacral Therapy (full sequence)
g)Rolfing (full sequence)
2)Dental cleanup, supported by Andreas Moritz' advice re: liver flushes, kidney
cleanses, etc. and dental cleanups (see his forum on CureZone)
3)a)Lymph cleanse (probably via rebounding)
b)Dr. Ray Behm "The Secret" program for gum restoration
c)Live cell therapy for mitral valve prolapse, schizophrenia, endometriosis
4)Do tests through a lab such as Great Smokies Lab for health imbalances
5)Vision restore vis-a-vis the Bates' method or other similar techniques

n.b. if necessary, try other therapies and/or additional live cell therapy after #4
is completed if still not cured of illnesses and imbalances (e.g. could try a
visit to Sylvia Browne, chelation therapy, etc.)

Thanks for reading!


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