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This entry describes my fifth liver flush and provides some updates on things.

Date:   6/28/2007 7:30:02 PM ( 15 y ago)

I have done my fifth liver flush. On the first night, there was a lot of stuff that I think was tan chaff (either that or diarrhea) and a little bit of some pieces of green stones. The next day, I had many bowel movements -- more than usual -- that turned to water. Normally, I don't pass anything until the morning of the second day (after my last dose of epsom salts), but this time I was having bowel movements starting around 10:30 p.m. and continuing now and then throughout the night and then into the next day. This could be because I mistakenly took 8 oz. of epsom salts at 6 p.m. the first night (instead of 6 oz.) and then, realizing my mistake, 4 oz. at 8 p.m.

The colonics went unusually well this time. My regular therapist wasn't sure if she could see me, and I needed a sure bet because my three month maximum recommended interval between flushes was coming up (this is the most I can afford on my budget), so I decided to go to a therapist an hour and a half's drive away. This therapist uses the gravity-flow method, which I found was much less painful and which seemed more effective as well. She said that she could tell that I had done a number of colonics since my peristalsis was good. In both sessions, we got down to near the bottom of the layers of stuff on the intestine walls. I know this because she told me so. She could tell this by the fact that we were getting into some candida.

I felt great after each colonic and got a lot out. My "temporary therapist" described the gravity-flow colonic as a "gentle scrub" compared to the method I had been doing, which she described as a sort of "power wash." I'm not sure of the name of the method I have been doing regularly. All I know is that my normal therapist works with dials and gauges mounted on a wall whereas this therapist works with a tall, vertical, box-like structure that the water goes through.

As far as my results, the only stuff I got rid of is that described above: some tiny pieces of stones and tan chaff, if it even was tan chaff. I wonder if this is because I screwed up the amounts of epsom salts. I have gone through a lot of frustrating results with these liver cleanses so far and have only now come to really understand the instructions in Andreas Moritz' books in terms of what's important and what's not. I have been corresponding with him back and forth for a little while now with questions of mine (since the forum here on CureZone is closed), sorting through the instructions in his book in terms of what is necessary and what is not and which methods that he mentions are the most efficient and which not (e.g. I found out that apple juice is more effective than apple cider vinegar in preparation for the cleanse, as mentioned).

I think that Andreas has a fairly sound method for the liver flushes, but his instructions in his books lack a certain consistency and are not always clear. When he says "The liver cleanse [will give you no problems if the instructions are] followed to the letter," on page 172 of "Timeless Secrets for Health and Rejuvenation," it is not clear which instructions are to be heeded strictly and which not -- for example, are we to heed the dietary "recommendations" for during the flush or not? Anyway, like I said, I did finally figure out a few things about how to go about the flushes by corresponding with Andreas, but I have to say I have definitely gone through my frustrations with him and his supposedly fool-proof methodology. I'm still not sure that his methods are going to work for me (for example, supposedly the kidney cleanse is less effective when taking medicine, and yet he does not advise a more thorough kidney cleanse for those on medication), but I do know that when he talks about following the directions to the letter he is referring to the dietary recommendations and instructions for the six days of liver flush prep and the liver flush itself.

So, in the future I am going to do my best to follow the diet and the liver flush instructions while simultaneously, of course, accompanying my liver flush with colonics and kidney cleanses. I may want to add chanca piedra and Chinese bitters to my six-day liver flush prep as well if the other changes are not enough. However, I cannot afford to do either this extended preparation or the liver flush prep diet at the moment; poor planning on my part.

Switching topics, I want to mention that I have gone through and done some more blog edits. I have also modified my ever-evolving health restore plan. The latest on that is that I have removed the electrolysis option from step five (how natural is it to kill your hairs at the root and damage your skin in the process?), and I have modified the structure of the plan to include a few steps that are followed throughout the plan (as possible), as opposed to steps that are followed in sequence. I have also added a couple things that make practical sense to me but which don't conform to my rule of "effectiveness and efficiency," including some of these "continuous" items. For now, effectiveness and efficiency are out the window because I want to streamline my health goals into one plan. Some of the changes make practical use of health stuff I have sitting around my house, like flower essences and bags of bee pollen. Also, I have added to step four a test for vitreous degeneration. And finally, I have replaced Dr. Ray Behm's "The Secret" with the use of Dr. Harry's tooth powder, which is supposed to restore receded gums.

Here's the new plan:

1)Liver Flushes (Andreas Moritz protocol)
1)Restore normal weight
2)Dental clean-up, supported by Andreas Moritz' advice re: liver flushes, kidney cleanses, and dental clean-ups
3)Work with homeopathist to restore liver function to enable it to recover from vaccinations
3)If still have allergies, do bio-resonance to get rid of
3)If lymph node bump still exists, do lymph cleanse
3)If shallow rotator cuff arm still bothers me, take Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone Syrup until better
4)Get diagnostic tests through an alternative lab like Genova Diagnostics and see whether there exist any disease states or significant pre-disease states; if so, work to correct them through therapy(s) of my own choosing (e.g. enzyme therapy, acupressure x 10, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy)
4)Get echocardiogram to test for mitral valve prolapse; if exists, do live cell therapy for one week
4)Get eyes dilated by optometrist to see if still have vitreous degeneration
5)Restore vision via the Bates' method or other similar techniques or through a combination of these
5)Use laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair
5)Use a laser device such as Vitalmed's soft laser wand for removal of spider veins
5)Do dry skin brushing for removal of stretch marks
5)Have scars removed by laser by a plastic surgeon (face, stomach x 4, left leg x 2, removed moles)
5)If still have moles, have them lasered off

*Also, take natural progesterone under the care of a doctor until hormonal balance regained (throughout health restore plan as possible); take acidophilus throughout health restore plan as possible; use Dr. Harry's tooth powder throughout the health restore plan or until gums are restored; do shamanic healing work through the 4 Winds Society throughout health restore plan steps 1-3 as long as needed to be healed; take herbs for vitreous degeneration with the help of an herbalist throughout health restore plan steps 1-3 or until degeneration cured; take bee pollen throughout health restore plan or as long as my supplies last; take flower essences for as long as I take herbs for vitreous degeneration (as many times a day as take herbs) or until flower essences run out

In terms of what I'm doing now, I've been dieting and occasionally exercising (my goals in these areas constantly seem to change) to lose weight, and I think I've lost about ten pounds. I was also supposed to do my second shamanic session in June, but I rescheduled for July 12. I've started using progesterone cream this cycle and have also started using Uncle Harry's tooth powder as a toothpaste. In addition, I've ordered a book that I used to own on probiotics so I can get a good brand of acidophilus, which I plan to do once I consult the book. I'll be consulting with my herbalist in mid-July about taking some herbs for vitreous degeneration, as well as my seasonal allergies, and I'm going to start taking bee pollen daily very soon. As for the flower essences, I've been taking them almost daily, when I remember, but I'll start on a regular schedule with them once I get on my herbs. Then, of course, we have the liver flushes, which I do every three months.

See ya!


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