Day 3 by bootzey .....

The madness is still upon me but it's in the decline...

Date:   9/16/2007 9:31:25 PM ( 15 y ago)

Today I was excessively tired. My car is not working properly. I went to church this morning on mass transit. Where, I was fine gettng there, I was sleepy all through the service. I was dead asleep for almost the entire trip back. The bright side is made my commute seem quicker. I sat on the sofa when I got home and was out cold for most of the day. I even missed my beloved football. I'm still tired now. I've been sleeping so much my body feels like it's locking up.

All that sleping should have made me hungery. I'm not. I am less thirsty than I have been, but still a little so. I have only eaten cookies from church today. I tried to do a little excercise, but my form was all off.

The pit of my stomach hurts. Not to the touch or from being sick to my stomach. Just deep down in my abdomen is some light soreness.

My mood is still a litlle off. Someone offered me a ride home and I was dead set against it. For the life of me I can't see why I would refuse a ride home. It takes 20 minutes to drive and 2 hours to take transit (I have to switch a lot). I don't make sense yet. I have been worrying about a lot of things I ahaven't thought about in awhile. I guess I'm not out of the woods yet.

I did notice my scalp is less itchy. My skin is still dry even with lotion. I have de-bloated considerably. I can fit back into my regular clothes.

My temp is 97.5.

My flow has gotten markedly lighter. I'm down to the thin pads and nothing came out at all last night. Cool.

Early is not so bad.


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