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Jean Liedloff lives in Sausalito, California, near San Francisco, on a houseboat which she shares with her cat.

Her work includes speaking engagements and consulting with people to help them apply the principles of The Continuum Concept — not only for parenting, but also for recovering from the adverse effects of a modern, "non-continuum" upbringing. Many of these consulting sessions take place via telephone, and she has clients in many countries. She may be reached by telephone at (415) 332-1570. (The best times to call are between 9 AM and 12:00 noon, or between 5 PM and 9 PM, Pacific time zone.) She is not reachable via email.

The Continuum Concept is Liedloff's only book; however, she has written some articles and given interviews which are available on her website. She is not married and has no children. In fact, she never intended her book to be a child-rearing "manual," but she feels glad to have contributed a book that has helped so many parents give their children a good start in life. Lately, she has been receiving positive feedback not only from parents, but also from their grown children who were raised with continuum principles and are now having their own "continuum kids."

Jean also enjoys painting.
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Books by Jean Liedloff
The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost (Classics in Human Development)
The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost (Classics in Human Development)
by Jean Liedloff

ISBN: 0201050714
Price: US$ 11.55, Available worldwide on

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United Kingdom
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