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Healthy Bones: What You Should Know About Osteoporosis
by Nancy Appleton [edit]

Healthy Bones: What You Should Know About Osteoporosis
********* 9 Stars!
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ISBN: 0895298007

Nancy Appleton (Biography)

Nancy Appleton graduated from Marlborough School for Girls in Los Angeles in 1953. Her undergraduate work was at U.C.L.A. (1959). And she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition.

Nancy Appleton is a practicing nutritional consultant. She sees clients with all degenerative diseases, does work with various doctors and dentists, and lectures at the U.C. Berkeley Medical School, U.C. Berkeley Dental School and Tulane University Medical School, among many others. Most of her time is spent researching, writing, teaching, lecturing and doing radio and television all over the English speaking world. Dr. Appleton has spoken throughout the U.S., Canada, and England and has also given lectures in Israel, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Singapore. She has spoken on over 600 radio and television programs.

Dr. Appleton has written articles for many magazines including Let’s Live, Health World, and Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation Newsletter. The Townsend Newsletter for Doctors has published more than 10 of her articles. She has volunteered for Earthwatch in Zimbabwe, Africa, gave food demonstrations to women who were giving birth to malnourished children, and taught them how to combine their native food to give complete protein. She set up a lending library for the community. More than 1,000 books have donated to the people of Chivi in Zimbabwe who have no books.

Her publications include Lick The Sugar Habit, Healthy Bones, Balanced Body Secret, 21 Healing Days and The Secrets of Natural Healing With Food. Healthy Bones and Lick The Sugar Habit have been published in about 8 different countries.

She has become one of seventy doctors, (and the only nutritionist) who answers questions over the Internet to anyone who might like to ask a medical question. It is called Ask The Doctor . Dr. Appleton feels that "so many people do not know what food is doing to their body."

Her main interest is in homeostasis. Dr. Appleton believes that our life style can either keep us in health and homeostasis, or our life style can be detrimental to us and keep us out of homeostasis and susceptible to disease. She is currently doing research with kidney, arthritic, and diabetic patients on this subject. 

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