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Macrobiotic Home Remedies
by Michio Kushi [edit]

Macrobiotic Home Remedies
********* 9 Stars!
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ISBN: 0870405543


I would highly recommend this book as it is easy to understand and the remedies are awesome. You don't have to be macrobiotic to understand this book, but if you are looking for natural and easy remedies, macrobiotic home remedies is what you want. MIchio Kushi is the leader of macrobiotics today and Marc VanCauwenberghe is one of the great teachers, their knowledge of macrobiotics and health in general seems to be neverending.

Michio Kushi (Biography)

Michio Kushi, lider of the international macrobiotic community, was born in Japan in 1926. He studied laws and international relations in the University of Tokio, and completed is studies in the University of Columbia in the UE with a mastering in International Law.

He dedicated is life to world peace and introduced and delevoped modern macrobiotics in the United States. Along the years he lectured conferences ans seminars all over the world about philosophy, spiritual development, health, food and deseases, for medical doctors, politicians, individuals and families

He was honored by the United Nations in New York, and he's a counselour in several governments in Europe, África and Latin America.

Founder and President of the East West Foundation, Kushi Foundation and One Peaceful World, he wrote more than 40 books; live's in Brookline, Massachussets and travels all over the world invited by many institutions.

In June 1999, the “Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History” honored is work in the United States with the exibition “Michio Kushi Family Collection on the History of Macrobiotics and Alternative and Complementary Health Practices”. 

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