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Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices
by John Heinerman [edit]

Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices
********** 10 Stars!
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ISBN: 0130575712


Excellent, Excellent Guide, May 18, 2000
Reviewer: chicagojess (see more about me) from Chicago
I truly use this book as my juicing reference guide. At first I was disappointed in the structure of the book in that it was listed by vegetable and fruit names. I wanted the standard listing of recipes under the standard categories and boy am I glad this one is not like that. I have other juice books that give me enough recipes to cure anything that ails me. What this book provides is very good info about all the ingredients in a recipe and you can figure out subsitutions in an intelligent manner. This book is worth its weight in gold for that alone. I mean all of us just can't get into parsley now can we. Get this book it's worth every penny.

valuable guide to juicing fruits and vegetables, April 25, 1997
Reviewer: A reader from Palo Alto, California
You won't need a juicer to appreciate this readable reference on juicing (and using) a variety of fruits and vegetables. A medical anthropologist and author of other books on the healing properties of foods, Dr. Heinerman now focuses on juicing. After you choose an ailment (or a fruit or a vegetable), you will respect Dr. Heinerman's scholarship in compiling the beneficial uses of juices. Each chapter on a juice (for instance, "Lettuce Juice") documents its botanical history, description, usage and nutritive values. The anecdotes and testimonials provide strong evidence for the therapeutic qualities of fruits and vegetables -- and their juices. Any juicer you buy will get you started with some good recipes, and this text will augment your choices and combinations of juice. You'll soon be juicing every day, and on into the 21st century. Appendices include helpful information on picking a juicer, uses for the pulp by-product, supplemental commercial products, and recipes

John Heinerman

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