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Dear God! What's Happening to Us?: Halting Eons of Manipulatio
by Lynn Grabhorn [edit]

Dear God! What's Happening to Us?: Halting Eons of Manipulatio
********* 9 Stars!
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ISBN: 1571743847


From Publishers Weekly
Fans of Grabhorn's bestseller Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting are in for a surprise with this book. Here, the author takes another run up the challenging mountain of overcoming negative thinking. But this time, she offers a cosmic explanation for negativity, positing good and evil forces at work in the universe and an ultimate struggle between those forces. She says these forces are quite directly at work in her life and the lives of a select group of the 100 people now creating "a new grid of light on this planet" to counter the pervasive influence of "the Others" (Grabhorn's term for cosmic forces of darkness that feed on negativity). She claims the 100 people "signed up" for this job before coming to this earth, knowing in advance that the task of birthing a new world would be "disagreeable" and difficult, in addition to telling readers that they may be among the chosen few. Like her previous work, this book is grounded in life experience. She claims that these forces produced a debilitating physical and emotional breakdown that led her to write to Dutch doctors to seek help with committing suicide before she was able to channel-her word-the information she presents here. In a practical vein, she offers three incantation-like statements that she says will help exorcise the dark forces from consciousness. She readily acknowledges in her characteristically breezy tone that her story strains credulity ("as off-the-wall as this book may seem to you") and is a little less orthodox than the usual self-help positive-thinking tome. This fusion of self-help with Armageddon produces a highly original marriage of two popular American topics.
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Lynn Grabhorn (Biography)

Lynn Grabhorn is a long-time student of the way in which thought and feeings format our lives. Raised in Short Hills, New Jersey, she began her working life in the advertising field in New York City, founded and ran an audio-visual educational publishing company in Los Angeles, and currently owns and runs a mortgage brokerage in Washington State.

Lynn's first book, "Beyond the Twelve Steps," along with her sweeping multi-media program, "Life Course 101," have received high acclaim from all corners of the world. She lives in the Northwest where she continues to write, give seminars, and "mow my five acres." 

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