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Embrace the Angel
by Patti DiMiceli [edit]

Embrace the Angel
***** 5 Stars!
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ISBN: 0983180393


"Embrace the Angel" is a story like no other.  Over 30 years in the making, this book is an intimate journal, an exposé, a transformational guide, a non-fiction novel.  Easy to read, yet riveting, once you pick it up, you won’t put it down until it’s over.  Through the eyes of a child, you will tap into your “Power Within,” discover ways to heal your soul, and understand the meaning of life and death.  How?  The answers are in Amber’s hands.  And in her hands, The Key.


With the Foreword written by Bernie Siegel, Amber's surgeon, you will learn how he collaborated with Patti to help Amber "cross over the threshold" and into Heaven.  As a result, the rest of her life was magical and her death was miraculous.  Embracing life AND embracing death is a powerful legacy the Amber left behind for us to treasure.


Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, after reading "Embrace the Angel:" "I read it through and through all over again. It's very beautiful and very touching, especially her dreams and her courage and wisdom. You need to share this with the world— for Amber and Chad and all the many parents who need to know."

Patti DiMiceli (Biography)

Patti DiMiceli is a "Student of Life" and throughout hers, she has learned heart-touching, spirit-lifting lessons to help us move from pain to power... from grief to greatness... from tragedy to triumph. Through her writing, she opens the door to her heart, her life, her dreams, her humanity, and leaves the reader wanting more, much more.


Her career path has been interesting, to say the least, and each job has added to the tapestry of her life. She's been a dishwasher, waitress, clothing salesperson, short-order cook, fast food drive-in worker, electronics factory worker, Kirby vacuum sales person, glassblower, bookkeeper, in-home daycare provider, graphic artist, lock-making factory worker, secretary, house cleaner, middle management employee, construction laborer, carpenter, boat builder, school bus driver, boat varnisher, publisher, and professional organizer. She produced a "how-to" video, "Brightwork: The Art of Varnishing," along with several multimedia presentations and workshops.


Currently, she has two more books "on the back burner:" "Walking Through the Metaphorest with Annie," a collection of insights she receives daily as she walks through the forest with her Jack Russell, Annie.  Both print and eBook editions are planned.  "Embrace the Angel, Amber's Words of Wisdom" is based upon the many wise and wonderful words that Amber, her 4-year old daughter who died from cancer, said as she neared the threshold between life and death.  Documenting this journey for the rest of us, translating this experience to benefit humanity, then spreading Amber's message around the world is what "Embrace the Angel" is all about.  This is Patti's "Life Task." 


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