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Books Zone

Thomas Carlyle said, "A collection of books is the best of all universities."

On this page, we collected some of the best books, over 650 books, and we sorted them into 120 main categories and over 500 subcategories. We also sorted books by the same author, over 340 authors. All together over 6,000 web pages with selected books.
The best books are those marked with 10 stars.
We also selected several books and we placed them online, for you to read: 
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"Read first the best books.
The important thing for you is not how much you know,
but the quality of what you know."
-Desiderius Erasmus

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10 Stars Books - The Very Best of The Best
9 Stars Books - The Best of The Best
8 Stars Books - Next to The Best of The Best

7 Stars - 6 Stars - 5 Stars - 4 Stars - 3 Stars -2 Stars - 1 Star

There is no big difference between 10 stars books and 7 stars books. All books marked with 6 stars or more are top books!

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