THOMAS RAU, M.D.: Arthritis, PARKINSON’s, and Fibromyalgia

Chronic illnesses, from arthritis to cancer, are routinely reversed at
Paracelsus Clinic where they know that once you rebalance the cells, the
body will follow suit and heal.



Here is a case that perfectly illustrates the way seemingly different body
systems are connected. Elinor, aged 46, had suffered from rheumatoid
arthritis for 10 years. It was especially acute in her knees. She had been
given all the standard drugs and treatments, but nothing helped.

Using electrodermal screening, Dr. Rau determined that the source of her
arthritis was a tooth, specifically, a molar that had received a root canal.

This dead tooth was situated on the acupuncture meridian for Elinor’s large
intestine and which passes through the knees on both sides of the body. In
fact, she had 2 root-canaled teeth and both affected this same meridian.
“We’ve found that every root canal can upset your health and help cause
chronic diseases,” notes Dr. Rau.

Paracelsus dentists extracted one tooth and found that the resulting cavity
in Elinor’s jawbone was infected. They cleaned it out with neural therapy,
that is, a series of local injections of common anesthetics, such as
novocaine or procaine, into the jaw. The goal was to disinfect the jawbone
and to encourage “friendly” or probiotic microorganisms to flourish there

Paracelsus Clinic is nestled amidst the Swiss Alps, making the pristine
setting itself a healing factor for its many clients.

“On the same day her tooth came out and the dental ‘focus’ was eliminated
from her body, Elinor’s knee arthritis disappeared,” says Dr. Rau. Elinor
declined having the second tooth removed, and for a time her body was able
to tolerate it. But soon she developed a severe case of dermatitis.

This made perfect sense, Dr. Rau comments, because the second root-canaled
tooth blocked the energy flow through the Large Intestine acupuncture
meridian. Problems with the skin, in Chinese medicine, are directly related
to the intestines; the meridian is the carrier of the problem. The second
tooth was removed and within 3 days, Elinor’s dermatitis began to turn
around; given the severity of skin blemishing, it took about 2 months for
her skin to return to a completely natural state.

Biological medicine contends that arthritis, which always responds poorly to
conventional medicine, is a “reaction disease,” the body trying to excrete
toxins, explains Dr. Rau. Normally, poisons leave the body through the skin,
urine, or feces, but in arthritis, owing to an imbalance, the body deposits
the toxins in the membranes around the joints.

Now, if you suppress this attempt to throw out toxins by giving cortisone or
other strong drugs, it drives the poisons further into the body and
intensifies the toxicity, says Dr. Rau. What’s needed instead is to detoxify
the system and help the body excrete the poisons through the normal channels
and not the joints. “This is how we think in biological medicine—we’re
always looking for the cause, for why the body reacts in this way,” says Dr.


“Elinor’s twin problems were produced by a dental infection on her Large
Intestine energy meridian,” explains Dr. Rau. This means the problems with a
specific tooth become a focus for spreading general imbalance throughout the
body and specific disturbances in a given organ or body region. “Each tooth
relates to an acupuncture meridian,” he adds, noting that over the years, he
has compiled a dental chart mapping the precise relationship among teeth,
meridians, and illnesses. This kind of correlation is highly practical, for
example, when it comes to understanding breast cancer.

Dr. Rau estimates that in 90% of breast cancer patients he has treated,
there has been a dental infection. As the breast lies on the Stomach
meridian, if you have a problematic tooth (such as a root canal) situated on
this meridian, as it passes through the jaw it blocks the flow of energy and
can cause degeneration and eventually cancer, Dr. Rau explains. To a lesser
extent, a dental infection is also involved in the development of prostate

Regarding cancer, about half of Dr. Rau’s inpatient hospital beds are
occupied by patients with cancer. The issue of cellular terrain is
particularly crucial with cancer because here you see degenerated tissues
that have become highly acidic, says Dr. Rau. Sugars in the diet literally
feed the cancer cells, so patients are put on sugar-restricted diets;
consumption of animal protein is also curtailed as these substances
perpetuate the terrain imbalance.

Dr. Rau’s team uses a variety of treatments to reverse cancer. First, it’s
important to replenish the nutritionally deprived system with supplements
and key trace elements. If the cells lack the necessary nutrients, then not
only is the pH thrown off balance, but the system no longer has the energy
to react therapeutically to subtle energy medicines such as homeopathy.

Second, Dr. Rau’s team may use an injectable preparation made from
mistletoe, called Iscador, whose efficacy has been well-established
throughout Europe since the 1920s.

Dr. Rau also uses SANUM remedies, developed by Dr. Guenther Enderlein
(1872-1968), a prominent exponent of pleomorphism. These medications,
injected around the tumor site, adjust the pH and cellular terrain and help
the pathogenic microorganisms revert back to harmless forms, says Dr. Rau.
In effect, the SANUM remedies help the body restore the optimal cellular
terrain for health.

“Cancer is the final stage in cellular degeneration such that these cells no
longer follow the interests of the whole body,” says Dr. Rau. “Cancer
results. To reverse this, you must profoundly detoxify then rebuild the
cellular environment. To do this, the most important element is to balance
the acid-base relationship.” The proof of the theory is that Paracelsus
Clinic does quite well in cancer reversals.

Regarding Class IV, the worst kind of cancer in which it has spread to
multiple sites, Dr. Rau’s team gets about a 50% success rate, depending on
the type of tumor. But if they can begin treatment in the early stages, when
a cancer node is first diagnosed, “then our prognosis is very good,” says
Dr. Rau. “After 7 years we have not had a patient whose cancer spread after
Stage I once we gave treatment.”