From: dusan@xxxxxx.xx
Subject: Bone cancer - another flax cure

Subject: Another flax cure
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 18:41:46 EDT

Hi Shirley,

This is going to sound unbelievable, but we've had another cancer cure
using nothing but cottage cheese and flax oil. My husband's father was
diagnosed with incurable bone cancer about 7 months ago. We told him to get
on the flax immediately. But, he just wouldn't take it consistantly.
Finally, about 3 months ago, my husband found out that dad was deterioring
rapidly. My husband travelled from Sacramento to Grants, NM to convince dad
to take it and to explain what he needed to do. He decided that he'd start
out with 4 tbl of flax (a lot) per day. After two days, he decided he could
tolerate more. A day later, when my husband left, he was taking 8-10 tbl of
flax per day! It has now been three months and we just got the news: Dad
had his bloodwork done--- 0 cancer!!! The doctor did not believe it so he
had another test done; again it was negative. Still disbelieving, he
ordered a third test---still negative! I asked him to write a testimonial
so that we may publish it at our new website The Hobbit/Health & Healing.
I'll let you know when I get it, and if you want to publish it on your
website, you're free to copy it. (Read the testimonial of
the"incurable" multiple miloma (bone cancer) in an 81 year old man
completely healed (in remission) with flax seed oil.)

Your Flax Oil Friend, Rachel Parent