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Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 18:57:31 -0700
From: Hans Oussoren 
Subject: [cancercure] Response to "Info"


My name is Hans and I am 22 years old.  I would like to respond to Johann
who asked for  some info/experiences on laetrile.

In fall of 1989, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  A Craniophyrigoma.

The persumed location was by the Pituitary gland.  I had brain surgery
done, 8.5 hours.

(I  can give more detailed info for anyone interested in specifics - please
e-mail me and I  will do my best to answer any further ?'s)

Before I get to detailed in the nitty details, and the ups and downs, I
want to  let you now that I could not have gotten through this without the
support of the many freinds, family and lots of people that I didn't even
now, who were praying for me.

They said they removed 3/4 of the tumor, however cat scans showed that it
was  still the same size?.

I was scheduled for radiation (mask made, locations choosen) but we (my
and I) did not feels  comfortable with going this route.  We continued to
for wisdom  into what we should do.

As we sought direction, I was overcome by a violent reaction to "dilantin",
a  medicine to "prevent" seizures, which I had never had.   The rection
brought blisters to various area of my body including my face and my
throat, putting me in the burn unit of the local hospital.  i was so prone
to infection.
 This was, needless to say, horrific.

We then decided to got to a clinic in Mexico that worked with diet and
nutition,  as well as laetrile (a.k.a. Amygdalin)  This treatment has been
very positive.  I am still om the diet to this day, a diet that excludes
refined sugars( I may have honey and mape syrop) red meats ( chicken, fish
and beans for proteins is o.k.).  The diet  involves a mix of fresh or
frozen fruits and vegetables.  Also several vitamins to keep  the immune
system up to par.

The last cat scan that i had was @ 3 years ago.  The doctors let us see the
pictures (trying their best to explain things).  They were ery puzzled b/c
cat-scan  showed that the tumor was the same size, BUT, the insides seemed
to be
clearing.  The  doctors were puzzled and suggested a biopsey be done.  (No
thanks!)  Thsi clearing of  the inside of the tumor is just how the diet is
work/.  The diet builds the immune system which in turn fights foreign

Today, I am still on that diet, as well as the amygdalin.  Don't get me
the diet is not always easy, esp. if others are eatig foods you can't eat,
in  front of you.  Still tough, this many years later.
        I have to mention, again, that without the prayers of many. and
without the
Lord's will, none of this would have been blessed.  I am thankful that it

All the best to all of you out there.  I enjoy your letters.

Take care,and
                        God Bless.

                Hans Oussoren

Phil 4:13  I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength..