Success Stories Using The Clark Method 1998

Case #1

Dear Dr. Clark,

I felt I had to update you on the progress that we have made here in the UK with your therapy . . .

First, a very prestigious organization and one that I doubt many here in the UK have not heard of, asked one of our therapists if they could test the effectiveness of your therapy by sending him (he lives near the center in Bristol) several cancer patients. He agreed and they sent him four cancer patients. Their cancer very seriously affected each of them and one was terminal with only one month to live. The therapist, G.C., rose to the challenge and started to treat them. The results have been astounding.

One girl, a single parent, had a month to live and had had a double mastectomy. Huge tumors were protruding from her chest wall, one the size of a grapefruit. This lady now has seen these reduce to the size of little tomatoes. The constant draining of fluid in her lungs where the cancer was discovered to have spread has now stopped and she has just been away on a vacation. She is feeling fine and has a lot of energy. Gone is the breathlessness she has suffered, noticeable when G.C. would to talk to her on the telephone.

A leukemia patient has seen her white blood count reduce from 38 in just a few months to 9.4, which is normal. She too is well and healthy, in fact they all are. They have done so well that the organization has asked if they can send more patients G.C.’s way. They apparently value the therapy on a par with Hoxsey or Essiac, but of course it supersedes even those great therapies, as they will see with further proof.

My own patients are doing extremely well and my pride and joy is a lady in her sixties with pancreatic cancer who was originally given only a few months to live last April. But here she is this April and appears to be very healthy, her hair is growing very well - this had been a problem - and she walks three miles to her doctor for checkups and three miles back.

Another one of my patients is a cancer patient (said by his specialists to be the longest living survivor of his particular cancer in the UK if not in the world). He has had severe colitis, due, the specialists assured him, to the extensive radiation therapy many years ago that they said ‘kills’the bowel as it has his kidneys - he is on dialysis. He had not passed a normal bowel movement for many, many years and recently started the Bowel Program as per your instructions. Since then he has been passing normal bowel movements. This has added such a quality of life to him that he has phoned several times exclaiming that it is a miracle and that I must send you his very grateful thanks. Of course he is now asking if it is possible for him to regain the use of his kidneys!

Whilst I was typing this another patient called to say that on this, her 9th liver cleanse, she has passed two black things that look like black  leeches and they were trashing about in the toilet pan as if in their death throes. Her husband has a pacemaker but recently they had it checked out at the local hospital on an EKG machine and were told it was safe to use the Zapper. He loves his Zapper and does not miss a night zapping for which he says he can feel the difference.

I have had a truly inspiring case recently. A lady was suddenly diagnosed with acute leukemia five weeks ago and given 5-7 days to live. They gave her chemotherapy as it eases the pain of such cancer deaths and put her on morphine. I was called in to assist by a family member who was told about my successes by the lady herself, a 50 year old woman with a 12 year old son.

I raced to the hospital on day 2 of the 5-7. She herself sat up the whole night reading The Cure for All Cancers and took in enough to say, "Yes, I agree, let’s go for it." We started her zapping and using colloidal silver for her infected gums, and put her on supplements as recommended by Dr. Clark.

Her blood count went down to 2.9 hemoglobin (normal 12-16), white blood cells went to 0.64 (normal 4-10), neutrophils dropped to 0.8 (normal 2-8) and platelets 6 (normal 150-400). Through it all, the family, respecting her wishes when she was drugged, zapped her twice daily and got the things down her that they could. Bottled water was brought in from un-coppered houses and all her food was brought in sterilized and cooked properly. Raw goat’s milk was given once per week, sterilized as per page 54 of the Cancer book. The blood vessels in her eyes burst as the chemo took her almost to death and the doctors said ‘any time now.’ But she pulled through!

The doctors are hailing it as medical history. They want it written up in their magazines, etc. and are asking questions about the therapy as they say they have not seen anything like it before. The hospital nutritionist is asking all about the diet and the doctors keep bringing people to see her mouth, which has from the first day on the colloidal silver been clean — no bleeding, no pus and no thrush; these are a big problem for such patients and hospitals use Nystatin and Corsodyl, which are polluted.

She is home now and very thankful to be alive, and was ironing when I called her yesterday.

Sincerely, B.T. United Kingdom


Case #2

The following letter was published in a newspaper in Ecuador:

I used to practice medicine using unorthodox approaches in Scottsdale, Arizona until I was set up by the authorities and lost my license to practice there. I came down to Ecuador, where there is freedom to treat as you see fit.

One amazing case I have is a five-year-old boy with Ewing’s sarcoma with tumors in his armpit and chest wall. He made the rounds from Miami Children’s Hospital to John Hopkins Medical Center where he was operated on and given the maximum doses of chemotherapy and radiation. Finally, he was sent back to Ecuador to die. He arrived in my office with a catheter in one of the veins of the heart, where his mother could give him injections of morphine for his intense pain.

I started him on increasing doses of tincture of walnut hull, Wormwood Combination, and fresh ground cloves, according to the recommendations in Dr. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Cancers. It is hard to believe, but this child was off morphine and the oral painkillers within 24 hours. His appetite returned, and I took him off the junk food he had been allowed to eat.

Within two weeks, he returned to the activities of a normal five-year-old. His tumors are regressing and his blood levels have returned to normal. His only medications consist of vitamins, herbs and enzymes.

Had I been confronted with this case in the US the program I put him on would have resulted in board action, media criticism and possibly a malpractice suit. Saving this one life was worth the misery I went through.