Case #2

The following letter was published in a newspaper in Ecuador:

I used to practice medicine using unorthodox approaches in Scottsdale,
Arizona until I was set up by the authorities and lost my license to
practice there. I came down to Ecuador, where there is freedom to treat as
you see fit.

One amazing case I have is a five-year-old boy with Ewing’s sarcoma with
tumors in his armpit and chest wall. He made the rounds from Miami
Children’s Hospital to John Hopkins Medical Center where he was operated on
and given the maximum doses of chemotherapy and radiation. Finally, he was
sent back to Ecuador to die. He arrived in my office with a catheter in one
of the veins of the heart, where his mother could give him injections of
morphine for his intense pain.

I started him on increasing doses of tincture of walnut hull, Wormwood
Combination, and fresh ground cloves, according to the recommendations in
Dr. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Cancers. It is hard to believe, but
this child was off morphine and the oral painkillers within 24 hours. His
appetite returned, and I took him off the junk food he had been allowed to

Within two weeks, he returned to the activities of a normal five-year-old.
His tumors are regressing and his blood levels have returned to normal. His
only medications consist of vitamins, herbs and enzymes.

Had I been confronted with this case in the US the program I put him on
would have resulted in board action, media criticism and possibly a
malpractice suit. Saving this one life was worth the misery I went through.