A diagnosis of colon cancer does not have to mean surgery and the discomfort
of colostomy, states Edward Leyton, M.D., of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Dr.
Leyton treated William, aged 62, who came to him with a diagnosis of colon
cancer. He had gnawing abdominal pains, severe coughing spasms, mucus, pus,
and bleeding from the bowel. However, William did not want surgery and was
willing to try alternatives.

First Dr. Leyton put William on a special diet, excluding meats, dairy
products, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, drugs, processed foods, and
sugars, and emphasizing fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes.

Then Dr. Leyton prescribed a series of nutritional supplements, including
Ultrabalance™ Protein Formula (2 tablespoons, 3 times daily); Herbulk™ (3
tablespoons, 3 times daily); Viokase® (lipase enzymes, 2 tablespoons, 2
times daily, with meals); selenium (200 µg daily); zinc gluconate ( 50 mg
daily); vitamin E (400 I.U. daily); vitamin C (4000 mg daily); bovine
adrenal and thymus extract; and beta carotene (50,000 I.U. daily). In
addition, William gave himself 5 water enemas and one coffee enema every day
to stimulate the excretion of toxins from his intestines and liver.

The treatment succeeded. Technically, this means William’s cancer has been
controlled, not cured, but not only is William still alive and healthy 8
years after his diagnosis, he is able to work 12-hour days as a farmer. His
bowel symptoms return in much reduced form only when he deviates from his
diet. William has already lived more than 5 years beyond the “expected”
survival time for this type of cancer, states Dr. Leyton. “He has had no
conventional medical intervention, which means that his survival can only be
due to nutritional or attitudinal changes.”

SOURCE: “Nutritional Intervention in Carcinoma of the Colon,” Edward Leyton,
M.D., C.C.F.P., Alternative & Complementary Therapies, September/October
1995, pp. 322-327. For subscriptions: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2 Madison
Ave., Larchmont, NY 10538; tel: 914-834-3100; fax: 914-834-3771; 6