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Subject: [cancercured] My Experience with Cancer

From: "I. King" 

I sent this to another list that I belong to when I commented that I
had refused the convention chemo/radiation route after my cancer
surgery.  I had been debating if I should send this, but after the
last couple of days, I decided to share it anyway ;-).

My name is Irene and I'm 47 years old.  Last year I was diagnosed with
breast cancer.  There was a lump about the size of lime removed which
we all thought was benign.  Well, it wasn't.  After the surgery, I
went to a master herbalist.  Several weeks later when I went for the
follow-up surgery (lymph node removal and the tissue surrounding the
area where the lump had been), the diagnosis was that everything was
clear. Was I glad that I refused a mastectomy!!

Deciding not to go the chemo-radiation route was pretty easy.  The
oncologist approved by my HMO was (and I'm being nice in this
description) an obnoxious Nazi asshole.  The radiation oncologist
understood my concerns and said that we'd just monitor everything.  So
far, so good!!  So here's my regimen as sent to my list.


Thanks for everyone who asked about my regimen.  As I said before, I'm
not prescribing to anyone  I'm just relating what I did and how it
helped me.  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to
write me and I will tell what I can remember about everything that I
did.  Believe me, it wasn't easy!

And now, the story :-):

I was dragged kicking and screaming to the herbalist. I had already
talked with her a couple of times and she insisted that I start
IMMEDIATELY on an all-raw, vegan diet.  I was totally against the idea
of a raw diet.  What did that have to do with anything?!?!?

At any rate, desperate times call for desperate measures and so I went.

She put me on a regimen that literally changed and saved my life.

First and foremost is that I had to eat an all-raw vegan diet.  I
learned to like it - sort of.

I try to drink at least a pint a day - a quart or more when I can.
Each cup of juice should contain at least two of the following:
carrots, beets, FRESH celery, ginger, wheatgrass, barley grass, (I
sprout these myself) parsley, or dark green vegetables.  Don't ever
use brown, wilted celery.  It can be toxic.  And it goes without
saying that all vegetables should be organic whenever possible.  If
not, get the freshest you can find and scrub well.  I also throw in
apples, oranges and lemons (whole) from time to time.  I think my
tastebuds are permanently traumatized!

Spirulina with organic sulphur (MSM), Vit. C powder, and organic
cayenne.  I also add nutritional yeast, barleygreen, beet powder, and

During crisis: up to 9 garlic cloves (raw) a day.  I put in a small
food processor with parsley, lemon, and a little sea salt to cut down
on smell and make it palatable. Otherwise, two cloves a day when I
think of it.

Coenzyme Q 10 - 100 mg once a day (expensive!)
Vit. D-3 - 800 IU a day.  1200 during crises.
Vit. C - 2000 mg
Vit E - 800 IU
Selenium - 250 mcg.
Melatonin - 3 mg.
Colloidal minerals - One tablespoon three times a week

Herbs:  With any herb, it's good to take a break from them one or two
days every two to three weeks.  When crisis has passed, it's not a bad
idea to go nearly a week or to scale down.  Every Sunday is my
herb-free day, with an occasional long weekend thrown in.  When I
first started, though, I went for a straight six weeks with no days
off.  When my diagnosis came back clear, my herbalist suggested that I
begin to take an occasional day off to give my body a rest.

Chaparral tea - one cup two times a day with 10 drops chaparral
The tea is made by soaking two very rounded tablespoons of the dried
herb in a quart canning jar in just enough vodka to cover for about
10-15 minutes.  Then fill up the jar with boiling distilled water.
Must use distilled because it uses all the goodies that the herbs
have.  Then let the jar sit for 8 hours, preferably in the sun.  By
the time it's ready to use, it should be tan and cloudy.  Tastes truly
nasty!!!  But it smells like the desert after a rain. I call it my
herbal chemo!  She taught me how to make my own teas and tinctures, so
I do a lot of my own stuff now.  The tincture is made by filling a jar
half full of herb, then adding boiling water enough to just cover.
After it cools, fill jar to the top with vodka or everclear grain
spirit.  It should sit at least a month before use.  Shake once daily.
 I'm drinking the tea now only several times a week.  I keep a bottle
of tincture available "just in case."

This is important - Because it is such a strong and powerful plant,
chaparral is NOT a "one size fits all" herb.  It has to be used
judiciously and only when there is a great need for it.

Echinacea tincture (both kinds of echinacea) - Because of the way she
"brews" her tincture, I cannot hope to duplicate it, so I buy from
her.  During crisis time, three to six dropperfuls a day.  It's not

Astragalus tincture - Make my own.  One to two dropperfuls a day.

Burdock root and red clover blossom tincture - ditto

Parasite cleansing tincture: Use only for one week - maybe once every
three/four months. This is strong stuff!  Tincture consists of green
black walnut hulls, wormwood, garlic, cayenne, ground cloves, and
ground pumpkin seeds. Use tincture instructions above and use two
dropperfuls a day - one in the evening and one at night.  Should also
take capsules of ground cloves and black walnut hulls at the same
time.  Can't use this the way you can use herbal fiberblend.  I was
pretty horrified at what came out!

Cleansing Stuff:
During crisis:  two enemas a day, some with strong black coffee
(cooled down of course!)  I still do them from time to time if I'm
feeling a little "stove up."
Herbal laxative - I think it's the same formula as Dr. Schulze's #1
intestinal formula, except that it worked better.  I don't know what
she has in it but it's easy to use.  It has the same effect as herbal
Intestinal Flora - I can't remember what I'm using off the top of my
head, but it's a capsule a day.

Dry brushing every day.  Natural brushes can be found at Target,
Wal-Mart or K-Mart for about six bucks.
Castor oil packs three times a week. Castor oil on a cloth against the
skin over the liver to stimulate immunity. Use a heating pad and don't
let it get uncomfortably warm.  This sounded goofy to me, but it worked!
Warm water with lemon each morning.
Sunshine every day.
Twenty minute walks to start - build up from there and make working
out a regular part of your routine. I'm planning to walk a
half-marathon later this year!
Rebounding - fun when you can't get outside.  Because of limited
budget, I found a nice little cheapie trampoline for about $20 at
Service Merchandise.
Hot/cold baths & showers
Spend time on and for yourself.
Pray - a lot.  I had to learn how to pray for myself.  I think that's
the hardest thing for people to learn how to do.
Get others to pray for you.

My experiences:
When using the green food, prepare for unexpected results!  Unlike
tableted vitamins, they actually work.  If you're on barleygreen,
wheatgrass, or spirulina, you already know what I'm talking about. You
get energy, see changes in the skin, etc. I was really skeptical when
I started, but my hair started growing faster and my skin cleared up.
My skin is as soft as someone in her 20's and I'm 47!

If a cancer patient is drinking a lot of beet juice, be careful.  It
can be an explosive detoxifier.  To say nothing of the fact that it
turns certain bodily fluids various shades of pink and red!!  You can
get a real feeling of illness as your liver tries to cope with the
aftereffects of toxins dying off.  Look up Herxheimer Reaction (or

I had to start adding some cooked food to my diet after six months
because I noticed that I was shedding a lot of hair.  After about
three weeks on cooked food (rice, steamed veggies, stir-fry, my own
home-baked bread, etc.) the shedding stopped.  My diet is now about
80% raw and 20% cooked (about 95% of the time :-)).  That's what's
best for me.

Obviously this is a long and difficult regimen.  I can't always do
everything every day, but I do my best to do the most that I can.
Actually, the supplements, herbs, etc., are secondary.  It's the
lifestyle changes that are the most significant.  Sunshine, fresh air,
laughter and prayer are more important than anything!

The one thing I can say that I respect the doctors for is that they
take cancer very, very seriously.  And so should anyone.  You have to
hit it with everything in your arsenal.

I hope you found this interesting.  Reading back over it, I can't
believe that I was able to stick with any of this!

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