Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:59:02 +1000 (EST)
From: Gillies K 
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Subject: [cancercured] A short story re: a friend of mine

From: Gillies K 

Hi people. This is the first thing I will have contributed to this list,
so I hope it's good.

Last year, in August, I met a girl who has just been diagnosed with
secondary cancer in her kidneys- an aggressive tumour.

She had already had ovarian cancer throughout the year before, and had had
most of her ovaries removed.

I had a friend die from lung cancer recently, so when I met this girl, I
told her I wanted to help her. (I'm a Witch, and interested in
herbal/natural healing)
She was already on chemo, and between myself and a friend of mine, we
changed her diet to cut out all 'bad' things, eg- junk food, oils, fats,
ect. We had her eating mostly fresh fruits and vegatables, she bought a
juicer, and drank freshly juiced juices. The only meat she ate was chicken
or fish. She stuck to the diet loosley, and included some different
dietary supplements.
In January this year, she went terminal. She was given 6-12 months to
live. Instead of giving up, we went heath-nuts. I sent her to a
herbalist/naturaopth who gave her a herbal tincture to use evry day. We
cut out all dairy products from her diet (basically anything that would
make her kidneys work harder than they needed to), we put her on differsnt
herbal teas, and an extrememly powerful herbal tincture called 'shaman's
tincture'. She has continued this strict diet.
A few weeks ago, nearly 2 months after going terminal, her doctor called
her up to get her latest test results. She is in full remission. The
tumour will be removed after her body has had time to calm down after such
a long fight.

Shaman's Tincture contains various powerful herbal extracts, including
'soma', a cellular regenarator, that encourages the growth of healthy
cells, rather than the bad ones. Unfortuantely I only know where to get it
in Australia. From a place called 'Medicine Garden' in Sydney, phone
number is : (02) 66222524
This stuff can be expensive is small doses, so I reccomend you buy it in

They also sell a book called 'The Holy Water' by Howard Teats, with some
interesting information about bodily biofeedback, and healing.

Shark cartlidge can also get some incredibe results, but there is a
specific shark that is supposed to work specifically for cancer patients,
so I'll email the info about that some other time.

It is reccomended that once diagnosed, that in some cases, when the cancer
affects the digestive system, that you should go on a purely liquid diet.
This stops the body from having to work so hard to digest heavy bulky
foods, and can concentrate on healing. All fresh fruits and veggies are
good to juice. If you go to a herbalist, they can not only make up a
herbal tincture especially for your needs, but reccomend some good herbal
teas to use. In Australia, the phone number for the National Herbalists
Accociation is (02) 92116437
They should be able to tell you where the nearest herbalist to you is, and
reccomend a good one. Ask to speak to some patients before you go to a
herbalist, find out how good they are.

Well, that's it from me. I hope this information can be of use to someone,
somewhere. Good Luck, never give up, and Blessed Be.
                             Kristy G.

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