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Subject: My Story
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 14:20:03 -0800

Larry Clapp:

I was very "healthy", happy and successful, when I was diagnosed with
Prostate Cancer at age 58, in 1990.

"You're going to die very painful death, if We don't cut out Your cancerous
prostate, immediately. !"  -   The doctors told me.

In fact they had booked my surgery for 6 am. the very next morning.

"It is a minor surgery,  just sign the release and show up, and You will
live happily the rest of your life" -  The doctors told me.

I pressed for answers about side effects and learned that I might be
impotent, incontinent and that I would need to take 8 weeks off from my
business to recuperate, from this "minor surgery." These were unacceptable
to me, so I decided to begin an intensive exploration of my alternatives.

I talked my way into medical libraries and consulted with many MDs and
healers of all types.  I quickly learned that most of the world does not
have prostate problems, that it is mainly in the Western, developed
countries.   I learned that nutrition is a major factor, with studies
showing that when men relocated from Africa or Asia, where they had no
prostate problems, these men soon developed prostate problems like the rest
of us.

I went on a fasting retreat and saw the toxins come out of my body and saw
my PSA come down from near 10 to near 5 in a single week. Medicine then
considered this to be impossible, but I knew I was on the right track,
toxins, including Dental, were a major factor in prostate health. Within 2
months, my PSA was less than 2 and I was cancer free.

Now 66 and in real health, I have continued my research, cleansing and
learning to this day.

"Most medical doctors won't tell you that conventional treatments alone are
not sufficient to solve prostate problems. In fact, of men who have had
prostate surgery, 35% require retreatment within 5 years and 75% require
additional treatment in 10 years!

Each year 40,000 American men have their prostates surgically removed or
burned with radiation, often within 48 hours of cancer diagnosis. While
doing so may eliminate an immediate problem, it will also result in reduced
quality of life, often including impotence and incontinence. And,
unfortunately, surgery and radiation don't work as well as claimed.

Larry Clapp

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