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The first part of the program is Ultimate fast, bowel/parasite cleanse.

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 12:48:25 EDT
Subject: PROSTATE90 Progress report 6 weeks on program

I have found the book and this web site to be a priceless source of info.
that no doctor I've seen could or would have provided. Thank you!

First a brief history.

Diagnosed 2/19/99 as the result of a psa test showing 5.1 up from last years
Needle biopsy samples came back gleason 6. I was staged at T-1c. Early
of prostate cancer definetly "curable" says my urologist, " a no brainer".
wants to start cutting in 2 weeks.
After a month of trying to separate the "virtues" of surgery and various
forms of radiation I finally throw up my hands and declare "all of this
sucks, I cannot submit to any of these treatments". and start looking for an
alternative. I spend the next month reading and searching the internet for
alternative treatments and finally settle on the methods in Larry's book as
the most logical for me.

4/27/99 - start fast- I have some prior experience with fasting so the
fellings associated with it were not totally foriegn to me. It was not that

5/4/99 - start pcspes- I started at 6 a day as recommended on lable.

5/5/99 start new diet- This continues to be the most difficult part of the
program. After 42 years of the typical american diet I find old habits are
hard to break. But I have remained dedicated to it for almost 6 weeks now
very determined to make it work. My diet is now primarily grains,
fruits, beans. I allow fish about twice a week and since I'm an avid deer
hunter and love venisen ( which is free ranging and very low in fat) venisen
once a week.NO sugar,dairy,white flour,white rice,salt.

5/5/99 start supplements- Along with the whole body cleanse and pc spes I
A-C-E-S complex, Modified citrus pectin, lycopene, co-Q10, green tea
B-complex, grape seed extract, zinc, colloidal minerals, sun chlorella,
Jarrow iso-rich protein powder, and homeopathic remedies for
detoxification.The homeopathics are the result of electro-dermal
screening.I'm getting a colonic about every other week.

5/13/99 get sick- I believe the pc spes got to my digestive tract. I lowered
the dosage to 2 a day and have been slowly raising it back up to currently
I had light headedness, dizziness, queezy stomach, nausia, reduced appetite,
Currently I feel great.

OK enough build up. I had a psa on 6/5/99 that came back 2.7. Almost half in
6 weeks time. I only wish I knew how much is attributable to pc spes and how
much to lifestyle changes.My plan is to continue this program through the
of august and go have a power doppler ultrasound.I tried to get a psosticint
scan as a baseline prior to starting but insurance would not pay.I have seen
2 urologists, 2 radiologists (one of which is Dr. Fred Lee. My experience
there was, to be polite, memorable), 2 oncologists.

I welcome your comments. I have no medical training and currently do not see
a doctor (that may change, but all I've talked to are very negative to
alternative treatment).Obviously my plan is to rid myself of the cancer and
return to normal life. What will normal be then? Probably not what it used

Jim Little