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The Cause Of Illness, Diseases and Disorders

What is causing Illness and Disorderders?

The Cause

  First, I will tell you one simple truth: there is no one single cause or cofactor of any illness, disorder or syndrome. We can only talk about cofactors, causative agents and life situations that like a "pieces of puzzle" comes together and promote symptoms and syndromes.

  Modern medical science blame almost all "discovered" diseases on a "single cause" or "main cause"  like:  bad gene, this virus or that virus, this bacteria or that bacteria, this fungi. Genes are always a factor of our health, but that is the only factor we can't do anything about, so why bother even thinking about it? 

If it is a chronic condition or cancer or MS or eczema, or psoriasis ... than the most common answer given by established medical science is: "we don't know".

Why? Why don't we know?  Because we are hunting for a single cause, while in reality  there is a whole "forest" of causative agents and cofactors.  Not being able to see a forest from a tree would best describe modern medical answers.

  The truth is, no illness and no syndrome is caused by a single factor, not even by 3 cofactors. There are usually hundreds of cofactors / causative agents that each have casual relationship to poor immunity, poor health, accumulation of toxins inside body, poor thoughts, and that promotes disease.

 Game called illness is played by three major players: our spirit, our mind, our body which are actually one ... and cofactors that influence those players are: our ancestors, our family, our lifestyle, our diet, our environment, our thoughts, our friends, our enemies ...

  Most important cofactors are lack of knowledge, poor thoughts, lack of consciousness,  lifestyle, diet, exposure to Toxins, exposure to viruses, bacteria, yeast, parasitic animals, unpleasant life situations. Bad genes, viruses and bacteria are the last causative agent in the long raw of of real life hazards.

In case of health problems encountered in childhood, or in case of children borne with certain disorder or illness, it is parent's and grandparent's health that should be analyzed, because there you will find cofactors that caused child's problems.

On this page I will be talking about 50 - 100 most common cofactors, but in a real life we are talking about 500 - 1000 cofactors ... 

  We are only able to recognize the largest and most common pieces of this "puzzle", while some "less common" pieces are often unrecognizable. Our body, mind and spirit are one with our environment. Anything that disturbs balance inside our body, mind, spirit, or our relationship with environment promotes disease.

The most common causative agents of diseases are:

  • Toxins and vaccination
  • Nutritional deficiency - Diet deficient on essential nutrients is affecting biochemical processes inside our cells.  It is also affecting digestion and preventing internal natural detoxification.
  • Poor dietary choices
  • stress, suppression, negative thoughts, fear, lack of love, lack joy, lack desire to live.
  • not enough physical activity, sweating, moving
  • mental attitude

That in turn may cause or may be followed by :

Whenever, toxemia exceeds one's capacity to handle it, you will definitely have a disease.   Toxemia - read more about

What kind of disease you will develop depends on:

  • the type of toxins you have
  • the type of parasites you may have
  • the type of infection you may have
  • your total diapason and intensity of the nutritional imbalance you may have
  • your genetic material (inherited strength of your body - your constitution)
    • your blood type (A,B,AB,O)
    • your inherent capacity to handle different toxins
    • your inherent capacity to handle different lack of essential nutrients
    • your psychological and mental strength
    • others
  • your age
  • your gender
  • your thoughts (your psychological and mental make up)
  • your environment
  • exposures to radiation
  • lack of love and touch
  • professional injuries
  • eventual past and present injuries and infections
  • others


"Many of our life problems (health, marriage, problems of materialistic nature, business, problems with children, diseases from dependence) have connections with a family in which we live, with a family in which we grew up as well as family from which our parents derived. We receive from our ancestors not only the color of our hair or tendency toward epilepsy, or heart diseases, but also a variety of psychological stresses, traumas and pains among which many are on the level of secrecy. Since long ago people have experienced one feeling, which they transformed into saying "when grandpas eat sour grapes the grandson's teeth turn numb".

Person suffering from disease, often comes from a family where there are many unfinished businesses in the past. Fore example: Family who's members have serious emotional problems, serious conflicts within members going on, or just a lot of feeling of guilt, fear and resentment. Sometimes, those conflicts and entangling are on unconscious level, and person is not aware of it. If those conflicts and problems are not addressed, health, if achieved, is just an illusion, short term experience.

MOST SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS comes from difficult relationship between people. 

But, for most people, dealing with those problems is not easy. Being married with "wrong" person, Being divorced, Being unable to communicate with your kids is not easy. Takes long time to learn.

Unfortunately, people who needs changes the most, those who are seriously ill, are just too ill to realise it.  Most sick people are just too sick to even try simple and easy things like water cure, liver cleanse, juicing, lemonade diet.... 

Family and Subconscious plays a big part in our health. When we are talking about subconscious, we are talking about past.

"Beside the color of our eyes or tendency toward epilepsy, from our ancestors we inherit various kinds of feelings, tragedies, traumas, tempers, tresses, misfortunes. We also inherit the terror and fear of living in poverty (nevertheless of our temporary status). "

"Families have numerous levels on which they exist and on which they function in the same way as each of us individually. There is a difference between the visible (so called manifesting) level of family's relationship and the level of hidden feelings, games and positions (so called latent level). The pathological balance frequently exists on exactly this hidden level, which, after long-term stagnation of energy, creates sickness or pathological process to that family or to their members."

"Today we are aware of the fact that any serious emotional trauma that happened in the past to you (or your parents) can have a significant affect on the continual state of your health.

People can also strongly suffer from emotional trauma inherited from parents who lived with hidden and unsolved rejection, with concentration camp or refugee drama or ancient separation during birth. All this pervades the descendents and brings them in an emotional state, which they don't remember experiencing at all. We can frequently see how, in families, children reflect their parents, as if they are looking in the mirror. The characteristics that they have taken from their parents or some distant ancestor include the tendency toward depression, fear, self-criticism, lack of conscience, self-rejection, etc. It is therefore very clear that the emotional trauma is the main reason for bad health."

"Unfinished businesses within family can block and take away the energy. These can be various family secrets about family's conflicts, murders, war sufferings, rapes, religious intolerances, adultery, frauds, plunders, betrays, etc."

"By finishing the unfinished business a lot of life energy can being released."


"Secrets and lies within the family are very important, because the secrets, hidden thoughts and feelings are those that produce the unfinished business and knots. Very often almost whole family energy is spent to keep some secret on the safe place, so the members of the family hardly have strength for anything else in life."

Soul is a part of us, which connects our body (material aspect of our existence) and our spirit (our connection with spiritual). Soul is a part of us that is connected to emotions and in this way it knows all truths from the beginning to the end. It is not like mind which analyses, interprets, judges, synthesizes and babbles, babbles, babbles, etc It's medium is not a word but a picture.

Collective Subconscious.

A lot of things that determine our lives, happiness and health belong to those latent levels and it processes beyond the level of our consciousness. Not only does there exist a large subconscious part of us connected to our individual lives from the beginning until present moment, but also there exist a large part in that subconscious that is filled with various important elements from the whole evolution, from prehistoric human until today. As in some unimaginably big computer, tidily in our subconscious we have sorted files that possess all the emotionally important information from the prehistoric days until today. 

This is known as collective subconscious.

Beside individual and collective subconscious, in subconscious part of us there exist one more "sector" in which are placed files that possess something that is called familiar subconscious. This is something that we inherit from our ancestors through our genetics. These are furthermore those "programs" in our lives that are often, automatically and unconsciously happening and determining our destiny. Therefore we, beside the color of our eyes or tendency toward epilepsy, inherit various kinds of feelings, tragedies, traumas, tempers, stresses, also the pain of midwife whose children are dying while giving them birth, the misfortune of their mother to whom they forbid to marry the love of her life, we also inherit the terror and fear of living in poverty (nevertheless of our temporary status). 

"That is why we often notice within family, for example, five generations of lawyers or seven generations of doctors or four generations of alcoholics, suicides, schizophrenics, divorces, etc."

"If the children are the ones whose problems are involved, then the adequate people should work for them in the therapy as their parents or very close relatives."

It is important to learn what is right and what is wrong, in relationship with people. It is important to regret doing things that are bad. It is important to forgive to those who regretted. It is important to forgive to yourself. It is important to learn from mistakes. It is important to love your parents, your ex partners, your present partners, your children. 

It is important to do god to people. It is important to do god to the children. It is important to support your children. The best that parents can do for their own children is to love the other half. Lack of this love may cause imbalances that will be felt through generations.

Dealing with symptoms does not help !

Remove the cause of disease and you will allow your body to cure itself!

Avoid buying diseases at the store!


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