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1  How long time have you activly used alternative medicine or alterantive therapies and remedies?
1 Less than one year 65 of 382 17%
261  Alternative medicines / therapies first sparked my interest about 8 years ago when my best friends mother was terminally ill with cancer. I have been researching alternative remedies for a little over a year & have just recently been able to find some products that I am confident in & are affordable for me. I feel that natural healing methods have been surpressed and there has been an attempt discredit them for years which had made the road to finding cretible information a little difficult. I have however noticed that in more recent years, there has been more research & personal testimony which has made me more comfortable in trying alternative medicines / therapies.    16 year ago  
394  I began using colon hydrotherapy after my physician repeatedly prescribed laxitives which did not help me with bouts of heavy constipation. This in turn led me to digestive products, etc.    16 year ago  
1482  I was recently diagnosed with pustular psoriasis, I had been given all types of drugs to treat my condition, to no avail. So I decided that with all the money I had spent on treatment I should go visit a homeopathic doctor. He asked me to try a variety of vitamins to cleanse the system. I can see a difference I still have good and bad days but there is some relief.    15 year ago  
1537  I got a bus accident and was taking coumadin since recently because of pulmonary embolism followed after the accident. Since then, my health is very important. I'm experiencing panic attack, anxiety, depression so I know that medication will causes me a lot more troubles.    15 year ago  
2293  Hi I am 18 year old with a spirit attachment that I now know (by intuition)followed me into this life from a past life.

What I recommend is a vegeterian diet, this diet change awakened my intuition. Meditation, learn psychic self defense this wasnt effective at first but when my kundalini started awakening this could take years the effects started showing and it is effective if you are persistent. Connecting with intuitives also is very good. Do it at your local meditation center or spiritualist center or spiritualist church the more places you joined the better, the more outnumbered that little black dot that has connected with you will be because other guides do help if you ask for it. Stay away from chatrooms and message boards, this happened to me because a psychic vampire from online weakened my field. I wasnt aware of it at the time but now I am and now you are. Medication doesnt work I know from experienced. What happens is a group of doctors meet up and make up all these diagnosis that doesnt even exist and say hey this person has a disorder because she or he is too happy for example and diagnosis him with something in order to get your money. People from my center say the same thing. I was forced to do this because my parents found out because I posted a thread online and they found it because I didnt clear my history. i started seeing a doctor and she looked at me and said "you look sick" even though I am happy as pie and normal and definately not sick.. two months later acting the same looking the same knowing the medication has no effect "you look better" little lies like that. It pisses me off. I like to move my leg a lot when I sit like some people do, its normal, I am just tired of always sitting you know? And they say I have anxiety, compleately talking for me... you need medication. Did you know eating a peice of cholocate is the equivalent of taking one of those anti depressant pills? Of course the government doesnt want you to know because the insurance companies is only interested in your money. Watch this film. It will change your life.

if your want to know more about the government and the information they withhold read behold a pale horse by william cooper. he is an amazing man, governement intelligence agent, that was killed becaus he spilled to much information.

I been hospitalized before. Its a long story. Basically I got into a fight with my parents as they did something to me its a long story. They force me to go to this "medium" that was purely satanistic in my mind because she wanted to brainwash me into thinking that vegeterian is of satan, stupid idotic things, lies like i shaved my head to be ugly like satan, i was held against my own will. This woman had a bad vibe, I knew just by looking at her eyes. My parents were angry at me. When I got back I went to the phone to call the police because i was tired of the mental abuse when my dad held me and said I needed to be medicated again. I refused, I'm sick of my parents. My dad is an alcholic, very abusive personality and mentally sick in my mind. My mom is also abusive in many ways, mentally, no wonder she sent me to this medium. She is the type that likes to gossip, control freak. They said I was "sick" and needed medication because I wouldnt conform. They called the hospital and i tried to explain what happened when the police came and he didnt care and took me to the hospital even though i did not do anything crazy to deserve this. my dad lied and said i attacked him. i am a humble buddhist i wouldn't hurt a fly. he lies a lot in real life, its not a surprise. i was hospitalized for three weeks. the doctors say shaving my head was insane. stuff like that. my mom says reading books is for people who are depressed. i should basically be absorbed in the television for hours like them, eat like them, act like them, but I refused this and I was paying the price. I told the nurse about my rights, she just gave me five different types of medication and was furious with me she was working there ironically had a borderline personality you just had to see her. When I came to the hospital I sense the bad vibe there. think about it people there already connected with something negative is there, you connect with something negative too since you are already suspectible to begin with. (those who are being bothered by a spirit has no shield most of the time) I was being a vampirized again. My aura turned into this red radiation color. I was half dead. The environment was to negative for me to handle. I lost my abilties due to psychic shock. But I know I will grow again, manage the blocks and will be like before but even stronger. I already overcome so much. you might go to a reiki person, a hypnotist spirit releasement therapist, or a shaman and not feel a clearing but one thing i realize is that if they are reliable, they do clear you of some karma, whether you are aware of it or not. Going where a lot of people are, guides are helping you as you connect with the people whether you are aware of it or not. It takes time. There is usually a lot to clear, its a struggle but you are always the stronger no matter what. Have faith.

this woman is also excellent.. i felt a clearing right away talk to her, she charges but its worth it. another deep friend who is reliable is bill lukas. another man who is excellent is John Yukus at 772.285.1633. they are both excellent therapists who are hypnotists.

i suggest reading up upon soul fragmentation, thought forms, psychic vampirism, see the video i listed please this will help you a lot. it helped me understand what was going on. interact with people as their guides will help you. it could take years but one day something will be triggered and you will see change, like i did. you will see. Meditate. if you cannot work for some reason because you are to drained etc. i suggest joining a buddhist monestary, the vibration their is amazing, a lot of the karma will dissolve instantly by just being there. these are people who are spiritually inclined to the psychic world. i can feel the vibration difference right away. i am planning to join .. its better then sitting around doing nothing. fasting, meditation, etc. etc. does help trust me. i felt so much lighter had more energy my abiltiies grew. its amazing feeling.

i wish you luck i love you ... ask for help and you will be helped.    15 year ago
2478  After having embarrassing herpes outbreaks even with expensive medicines, I tried alternative medicines such as Olive leaf extract, H202, aloe vera leaf (rub on my lip). As a result I haven't had outbreaks, I also used Lemon balm to treat my anxiety which to this date I have not had an attack (my doc told me i they were gonna get worse and prescribed me medicine). I am firm believer in Alt Medicines and i will continue to use alt medicines. I also recommend it to people, but some people only believe what doctors tell them and thats it! I went through months of hell. Now I forget I have herpes sometimes, I feel great, h202 has cleared my brain by releasing 02, and i can concentrate better also.    15 year ago
R = Recommended by moderator!
2479  It is time for a change.    15 year ago  
2584  I have always been ill. I have tried alternative in the past and have gone back and fourth.
Since 1993 I have been on total disability.
In May of 2007 I started Zapping and following Dr. Clark's methods and since mid July I have been capable of returning to work part time and I think I am ready to go full time.
One day at a time and trying not to over due it but very excited about the results so far.    15 year ago
3274  Alternative methods gives me the chance to make a more informed choice with more control over how much I pay.    14 year ago  
5112  I am actually starting to look for more alternative medical methods. I have a family and we have outrageous pharmaceutical bills each month. I feel that all these pharmaceutical medications are focused on the effect, versus looking at the actual cause.    11 year ago  
5200  I have used pro biotic to enhance my normal gut flora, I also used iodine to heal my scars    11 year ago  
5761  Discontent with medical practices. Medication to put a bandaid on issues rather than fixing the source of the problem.    9 year ago  
5865  Andy cutler's program saved my ass.

Candida, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid ETC. All stemmed from my overuse of stimulants that was because of mercury issues. Studder as a kid and many other things.    9 year ago

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