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1  How long time have you activly used alternative medicine or alterantive therapies and remedies?
1 1-5 years 103 of 382 27%
277  CureZone woke me up    16 year ago  
397  Liked Acupuncture so much I became one!    16 year ago  
454  I read a book that made a lot of sense to me. It told what proceedures were used to to cure 'incurable cancer". The author of the book runs a health lodge that someone I know attended, and I believe him to be honest and credible.    16 year ago  
458  After years of being ignored and undiagnosed by mainstream medical providers, I have found relief in alternative medicine. I am currently being treated by an md who has gone alternative.    16 year ago  
612  since i was ten and i read a book my mom received from readers' digest about natural home remedies i have always been interested in alternatives to modern medicine. it hasn't been until recent years that $$ and accesiblity haven't threatened my quest for alternative medicine.    16 year ago  
665  i became pregnant & began to research how to naturally support the immune system. the number of times i have witnessed how our environment takes its toll & how quickly we repair with the right support. i am on a lifetime path of better understandings. this is only my begining!    16 year ago  
952  Disappointed in traditional medical field providers. They never seem to look for what is causing something, just seem to want to push drugs.    16 year ago  
968  I realized that Eastern Medicine has been helping people for centuries before Western Medicine emerged.    16 year ago  
1049  The Medical profession did nothing to help my brother,father, sister-in-law in their battle with cancer. When my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given no acceptable answers from the medical professsion we took matters into our own hands and she has been cancer free for three years now.    16 year ago
R = Recommended by moderator!
1293     15 year ago  
1483  need a change current medical path was not working    15 year ago  
2233  I am a medical researcher who is in the process of writing a research paper on the safety and true effectiveness of so-called "alternative" medicine, which really should be called "cutting-edge" medicine. I advocate many forms of stem-cell therapy, as well as gene therapy, herbal therapies, nutritional therapies, etc. All of these therapies have large amounts of research behind them. I am also very skeptical of vaccines and am wary of the dangers of many pharmaceutical drugs. However, in critical care situations, temporary drug therapy may be necessary.    15 year ago  
2251  i work at an alternative medical office, i do detox therapys.    15 year ago  
2653  I used to have chronic neck and back pain from Scoliosis. I had been to several Chiropractors, massage, taken OTC pain meds with no results.
I started to take Arnica for swelling and Vitamins C, Fish Oil Tablets for Anti-oxidants. I used to spend over $200 at the local health food store on various vitamins and nutrients. Many would give me an upset stomach.
In January, a man from my church who suffered from Neuropathy told me about Zija, which comes from the Moringa Tree. World Health Organization has said that Moringa is the most nutritious plant on the planet. It has protein, calcium, omega 3,6, Vitamins A,B,C,E,and more. He took 8 cans of the Zija one day , 4 cans the next day, and within 72 hours he did not have the pins and needles pain of Neuropathy. His doctor has declared him Neuropathy free.
I have been taking Zija since Jan. 07 and my neck & back pain are gone. So are my migraines. I feel more energy and focus. This Zija just nourishes the brain and body so you feel and sleep better. It is amazing. Since it comes in a liquid, it is easier to digest. I know I'm getting all the nutrients I need daily. And I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars at the health food store anymore. Their website is

   15 year ago
R = Recommended by moderator!
2839  My son was diagnosed with OCD only to discover he was actually having a side effect from his medication called Singulair. Once I discovered his facial ticks, depression, OCD, aggressive behavior, audio and visual hallucinations were due to his asthma medication I decided I needed to control his asthma naturally. Thats exactly what I did. My son is off all his medications except his inhaler as needed (which is rare). I researched the supplements and breathing methods and my son is doing WONDERFUL!    14 year ago  
3141  I was on a bunch of medications after a stroke and heart attack and I wasn't getting better. I thought I was "doing the right thing" by taking all those meds but I got to the point where I was exhausted all the time, a "bed vegetable" and wondered what was going on.

I started looking for answers and that is how I changed my lifestyle from the "drugs and surgery" health care method to nutrition, exercise and other things that have helped me to regain some of my health.    14 year ago
3642  Medical doctors called my wife terminal and had no offer for her. We started alternative medicine ourselves and she is alive an well two years later.    14 year ago  
4374  As a man keeping my body in good ph Alkaline balance helps me as I get older and I enjoy my energy levels more as I drink my natural alkaline water from organicalkalinewater site
   13 year ago
5059  I've never really been interested in over-the-counter drugs, for migrane, etc. When I became pregnant, I started eating healthier, not eating out as much, no fried foods, everything was whole wheat, things like that. Now, my son is almost 5 months old, we are raw vegan and the only meds we take are vitamins, and they are food-based. I am currently on a medication, however that lasts 3 months at a time... birth control. I have received 2 shots since my son was born. I told my nurse practitioner that I wanted something with no synthetic estrogen in it... So the shot only has progestin. It's okay to use when breast feeding... So after my 2nd shot, I did some research (a day late and a dollar short) the shot actually does raise estrogen levels, increasing the risk of cancer ( which is already a big risk for me) and it also causes bone loss!!! She had been telling me to take calcium & vit D, which I had been, but synthetically... but she had never told me why. The USA is ranked the 37th country in medical care, and I don't know about you but i can't even name 36 other countries... If we juice, detox, and feed our bodies what they were meant to consume, there wouldn't be a need for doctors... not the way they're used today anyway.    11 year ago  
5787  I have used alternative medicine for the past 2 years and in the first three weeks helped me get rid of arthritis    9 year ago  
6034  I was promised by allopatic medicine if I stop blood thinner medication I will die or end up a vegetable. I had bad side effects and I thought I have nothing to lose. I completely cut all chemical medication and I am glad I did. I am getting better. I found natural supplements that are actually improving my health.    8 year ago  

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