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1  How long time have you activly used alternative medicine or alterantive therapies and remedies?
1 15 - 20 years 32 of 382 8%
224  From my experience in life, I think you have to do the major jobs first (take care of family) next something extra (took care of a person with anorexia (outside of family) - then you are granted a gift of knowledge. I had many complaints and illnesses and was going to conventional doctors; I always felt lousy. I paid her way and took care of her and brought her to all doctors for anorexia -(NO HELP)-PSYCHIATRISTS AND SANATORIUMS. SHE DIED IN 1990. After 1990, I developed all kinds of allergies, I tried all regular doctors and was given the phone number of a woman in N.Y. who could sit outside at a picnic and breathe. I called her and she gave me the phone number of ACAM in California. They gave me the phone numbers of the alternative doctors in the TRI-STATE area. I found Dr. Lev in EDISON,NJ. He gave me my first EDTA chelation. The very next day I no longer had CLINICAL DEPRESSION.(WHICH I HAD SINCE I WAS BORN) The allergies took longer but I eventually got rid of them, too.    16 year ago  
2032  My main motivation for joining is to warn people against Dr morales in Tijuana, as he drianed my life savings and my boyfriends to do complete mercury removal in our mouths including many bridges etc, and we are having to have all the work re-done because he is a totally bogus dentist and a cheat and so is the other dentist named Edgar.    15 year ago  
2704  alternative medicine ? Well maybe one should be asking that of the A.M.A. : lol...

I say try reading the bible, alot of the real answers one is looking for is there.    15 year ago

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