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1  How long time have you activly used alternative medicine or alterantive therapies and remedies?
1 20 - 30 years 36 of 382 9%
642  just thought that alternative therapies are natural.    16 year ago  
1014  Through my mother I learned to question western medicine and choose alternative medicine (herbals for example). It has been therefore, natural to choose alternatives for healing. However, in 2001, I was diagnosed with multiple brain aneurysms and fibromuscular dysplacia. The Western Meds prescipitated diabetes and associated side effects took hold. For example, diuretics cause diabetes on those predisposed to the disease. I was prescribed diuretics to keep my blood pressure low.

The moment I could (also had a stroke)I began discarding the western meds and in 2006, began to experience raw food alternatives. Consequently, my A1C has reduced from 8.6 in April, to 6.4 in September. Also, I lost 45 pounds.

I dont claim to know much about alternative medicine, but I do know that the body heals when allowed ot heal. Alternatives, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, etc., have made a difference of me being dead or alive today.    16 year ago
2298  I have always used herbs, etc. It was a handed down tradition.    15 year ago  
2495  MD's left me ill !!!    15 year ago  
2634  I am having LESS and LESS confidence that alternative medicine without some type of prescription pathogen killers will help me. I have tried almost everything alternative.

My digestive problems, I'm now convinced, are due to several pathogens that appear in stool tests and blood tests - and I have tried all manner of natural means of getting rid of them.

I no longer try most of the things in Curezone because they just didn't help me one bit.    15 year ago
3160  I am 40. My mother became a vegetarian when I was 7. Shortly after, he began investigating holistic healing and we began seeing a naturopathic doctor. When my own daughter was born, I began using homeopathic remedies for any ailments/minor injuries she experienced and continue to do so. She will be 11 this year.    14 year ago  
4719  I don't use alternative medicine or alterntive therapies and remedies    12 year ago  
5494  I use since I am 6 years old and it mostly helped me.    10 year ago  
6604  90% of the time I only get answers and results using high quality holistic care practitioners and/or therapies.

Allopathic practitioners, 90% of the time, do not provide diagnosis, do not care, do not offer any helpful suggestions, treatments or answers.    31 mon ago

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