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1  How long time have you activly used alternative medicine or alterantive therapies and remedies?
1 30 - 40 years 27 of 382 7%

Ana’s History

   16 year ago
364  I was born in the late 50's and left home in the late 70's. At that time I was very much "into" natural healing/health and diet (I sprouted and baked bread for health food stores, utilized no white sugar/flour, hydrogenated oils in diet, etc), but since I was young with no problems or symptoms, never smoked or drank much alcohol (and since there was no Internet for learning and sharing), I gradually slid away from everything I knew and practiced (except for utilizing Vitamin C and staying away from "the whites").

In the mid 90's I met my current husband (whose mother had cured herself of terminal liver cancer at Dr. William Donald Kelley's clinic) and I got back on the bandwagon, pronto :) Since I was older, I had a few issues to deal with and I had the Internet (and my mother-in-law) for research and information.

   16 year ago
638  my parents have always used alternative medicine or alterantive therapies to treat all their kids and I continue that to this day but not as much as they did but trying to get back to using 100% alternatives    16 year ago  
887  I had my back and neck badly injured and spent three years in and out of hospitals and doctors surgeries, each time being told I was much better, but the pain was much worse every time. I was on the brink of suicide when a hippie friend took me to a naturopath/chiropractor. I was carried into his clinic and 30 minutes later I was walking normally. I was addicted to pain killers at the time and all the docs could offer was more pain killers. My kidneys and liver were in a bad state as a result of taking pain killers solidly every day for three years and I really didn't think I was going to live much longer. But this practitioner took care of me and three years later I was in pretty good health, so I decided I wanted to learn this type of medicine, and now I am getting similar results on other people    16 year ago  
1344  I began eating organic foods after my
birth. I have been a vegetarian for most of my adult life. I do no always eat organic, but I try to asmuch as I CAN.    15 year ago
1383  Even at age 16, I realized doctors didn't know everything--and tried a few things myself.    15 year ago  
4882  My dad had two heart attacks in the early 70's, as a result my mom went "hippy-mama", this was easy living in LA at the time. I can smell the diffrence between a health food store and a supermarket. Dad went for chelation treatments, we drank raw milk from AltaDena dairy ( before it was outlawed in CA, I still catch myself shaking the milk jug sometimes ), my sister and I ate alfalfa sprout topped veggie-burgers at this huge health food-cafe- alt med store in Hollywood, while my dad argued religion
( Evan-Christians were pretty rare in this life-style back in the day, still are and it's helping kill us ) with the owner and mom did awfull things ( in our kid-opinions ) like buy cod liver oil to "mix with milk" which she would make us knock-back WITHOUT barfing ( only God could save you then! ) and give us a mint leaf to chew, and Adelle Davis books with new ways to Torment us (Shaklee protein powder, 1 raw egg, 1/2 c milk, and 1 small banana. The sound of a blender can still make my blood run cold sometimes ) But, years latter I'm still at it, studying clinical herbalism, and knowing that I'm not going to spend the last years of my life staring at the ceiling useless and pointless.
   12 year ago
5259  Grew up using alternative medicine.
Found self with Hep C virus from surgical procedure at age 21.
Everybody that I've known that has this, has died.
I am still here (duh) and doing fine. Everybody else trusted in big Pharma. So who's right?    11 year ago
5581  I have used alternative therapy, herbalism and homeopthay for 40 years and I am very fit    10 year ago  
5718  First started exploring alternative medicines because of an extreme and dangerous phobia of needles ... leading to an inability to have blood drawn for testing. Found alternative medicine works better as well.    9 year ago  
6049  my father had a remedy from a sadhu with assurance that no return shall be accepted from any patient in any way for jaundice.
he cured a lot of them as long as he lived.when I joined him in his business I came in contact with some folk medicine men from the jungles of vidarbh region who taught me some wonderful remedies for Kidney stone /piles/mentally retarted children and some female disorders perticularly for issueless couples. folowing my father i never accepted any thing in return from the father had once told me that he the almighty is the only one who cures hence we have no right on any monetory or otherwise.    8 year ago
6466  I have been using cannabis for forty plus years. It all started when I was a teen looking for a way to relax from my overbearing Irish father. It never progressed in to any other harder drugs.

I found out quickly how beneficial it was for my monthly menstrual cramps. Over the yeas, continued to smoke a joint now and then for relaxation. Many years later when I was 39, I got diagnosed with an aggressive cancer after a trip to the ER for bad allergies.

I was taking cannabis oil at the time because my body makes small tumors just like my mother. I heard it helps kill cancerous tumors. I knew my body had tumors but they were not causing me problems. I had a hard time believing the doctors because, besides the tumors, I was feeling good. I hiked daily and ate right.

Had a radical hysterectomy and all my labs came back cancer free. Never had it. One in nine in the history of urachal tumors where it didn't go cancerous I was told. I think cannabis saved me from having my tumors go cancerous. Now I take a preventative dose daily and help people with stage four cancers get relief and in many cases kill their cancer with cannabis oil.    6 year ago

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