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Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Survey Results
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Explanations submitted by users who selected the next option:
1  Have you experienced any health benefits while using MMS?
1 Yes (please explain) 139 of 173 80%
2869  Having candida and dysbiosys, I don't feel that MMS is quickly curing my digestive problems per se, but I do believe it has very efficiently stifled the progression of damage that the microbials/toxins were producing, thereby lifting the burden from all the major organs.

It seems that in a matter of time, it will proove to be a great asset in the balancing my inner terrain.    14 year ago
2878  some pre-cancerous growths fell off by them selves.    14 year ago  
2881  1.Cured my Ulcerative Colitis completely
2.deeper sleep
3.have used it to combat cold overnight
4.ameliorated my sinus drainage
   14 year ago
2883  Eliminated tooth sensitivity
Eliminated toenail fungus
Helped alleviate constipation
Eliminated solar keratosis
Eliminated jock itch    14 year ago
2886  Age Spots disapearing, improved vision, increased circulation, arthritis cured,COPD much better, hangnails gone, fingetnails much better sinuses opened after 40 years.Feeling bloated after eating is gone. All skin lesions are getting smaller or gone. Muscle cramps are gone. Tolerating clod weather much better. Sleeping better. Erectile Dysfunction imoroving. Hypoglycemic attacks gone, desire or craving of sweets including chocolate gone.    14 year ago  
2891  After a month I was able to breath deeply and I couldn't prior to that.    14 year ago  
2895  Phlegm in throat/chest from mushroom spores accumulation cleared up, fresh gums and mouth in morning, overall feeling of well-being    14 year ago  
2898  I've gotten almost immediate relief from osteo arthritis, verified by my wife asking me, "Wow, is this from taking that MMS?" when holding hands on the first Sunday.

In other words, if it was "psychological", it was working on her too!

I've also seen a dramatic drop in my IBS symptoms and my wife and 2 boys have both taken small doses of MMS for beginning colds and sore throat. They experienced relief within 3-24 hours of taking it.

I've also gotten much less "creaky" in my joints and although I've had a torn rotator cuff for a number of years, it just occurred to me that I haven't had any joint pain for a couple of weeks now.

Very good experience with MMS so far. It sure is a lot smaller and easier to store than a CUPBOARD full of useless "supplements."

   14 year ago
2901  Abscessed tooth has healed somewhat and then went on holidays for 2 weeks and it came back so have now been on it again for 2 weeks and it is clearing up again and have so much energy.    14 year ago  
2907  candida under control, even on non-strict diet, smooth skin    14 year ago  
2924  Last summer I was bit by a spider on my ankle. The bite started out localized with a goose egg, after several weeks it spread and my ankle became very swollen, red and hot. I had trouble walking. Eventually the swelling receded and other than a small knot in the arch of my foot, seemed to be gone. Several months ago,I was stacking several cords of wood for winter and could feel the knot located in the arch of my foot move up my leg and lodge in my knee(this happened in several hours). My knee became swollen, red and hot. This time I was running a fever. I couldn't get comfortable and sleep was difficult. I was using crutches to get around. Now I am a health nut, we eat and use only organic products as well as high quality supplements, I have medical ozone and regularly use it. Nothing that I had in my arsonal was working. I was taking high doses of probiotics to no avail, when my dad suggested curcumin & serrepeptase instead of the probiotics, which helped some. This has now been going on for over 2 months. My husband has several web sites that he regularly looks at and one of them had the MMS story, he forwarded it to me and I immediately downloaded both Part 1&2 of the book. I did more research online and ordered the starter kit. I was very surprised as it arrived within 48 hours. I was a little nervous about the nausea/diarrhea reports so started off at 2 drops using the citric acid and mixing it in fresh organic apple cider after a meal(no nausea). I was also using DMSO applied directly to the inflamed area. That 1st night the pain was excruciating, the swelling was worse(partly because DMSO will cause initial swelling). I resorted to 800 mg of motrin and finally got some sleep. The next morning the swelling was down by half, the pain was gone, I was able to walk without crutches and on the flat of my foot instead of my toes. I have continued increasing the drops each dosage and am up to 14 drops this pm. The swelling is GONE. The pain is GONE. I am walking normally, sleeping through the night and waking alert with lots of energy. I still have to take a break every so often to put my leg up as it tires easily but I am able to keep up with my daily itinerary. Another thing that I have noticed is that I'm not near as hungry as before and get full quickly. This is all in 8 days. I am going to continue this routine for awhile and see what else it cures.    14 year ago  
2930  Started taking MMS Oct 30/07 because of suspected Mercury toxicity as I have 11 Amalgam tooth fillings, was told by DR. that I had no symptoms of Mercury toxicity, but he could not explain what is causing my feet to feel hot and numbness in the toes, I broke my left ankle last spring and the entire foot had become numb most of the time [He called it "Burning Foot Syndrome"]. Also because of I have spent a lot of time outdoors during my 77 years and even tho my health seemed fairly good I wondered if I might have picked up parasites sometime.

Slowly worked up to 20 drops [eyedropper] twice daily activated with Citric Acid, useing water and Apple Cider to mask the taste, continued at 20 drops twice daily for another 10 days, now at 6 drops once daily, I add about an inch of water in a small glass and brush my teeth with it and swish it around in my mouth before swallowing, then rinse my mouth with water. ALL the plaque is gone from my teeth, mouth feels very good.

Had 3 days of gassy and acidy stomach at 13 drops twice daily, a day of diarreha at 17 drops, saw 30 to 50 dark brown tapered objects which I think was some kind of parasite in the toilet on 3 occasions that day, I am glad to be rid of whatever it was, sorry I did not feel like picking some of them out for further investigation at that time as it would be interesting to know what they were.

My feet are slowly improving, but I am sure complete healing will take several more months. My breathing has also improved, nasal passages stay clear more, definitely have less mucus forming in the nasal passages. I generally am feeling better because of easier breathing.
I plan to stay with 6 drops daily for another 2 or 3 months to see what happens before I cut back or stop, but I will keep some available for personal use.    14 year ago
2941  I sleep sounder and I have eliminated my power naps during the day when I have time.    14 year ago  
2943  I started taking in December and my pathogens have reduced from 60% to 28% in 8 weeks also my breast cancer has nearly gone    14 year ago  
2954  skin moles crumbled and eventually fell off beginning at the eight drop level.    14 year ago  
2955  circulation better- nails are pinker, skin color more flushed
headaches gone
lower blood pressure
breathing better- lungs clear overnight
no constipation- stools soft
no arthritis pain in joints- overnight
sinuses opened
No bloated feeling after eating
Bad breath gone
Gums firm- no bleeding
Sleeping better
craving of sweets greatly diminished
diminished appetite
   14 year ago
2975  Plantar fasciitis (self-diagnosed due to extreme stiffness in feet and ankles first thing in morning and after sitting still for a long time) gone.

Sugar craving gone.

Excessive hunger gone, although starting to feel more hungry again after 2 weeks.

Some weight loss (due to previous 2 items)

   14 year ago
2979  I usually have allergy problems in October--sneezing, runny nose. After taking MMS from late August on, no allergy problems. Also,for years I've had pretty regular problems with hiatal hernia. That's gone.    14 year ago  
2986  conditions i am dealing with -- chronic fatigue syndrome, epstien barr virus, joint,muscle and leg pain, herpes 1 and 2, female organ issues, major brain fog,frequent headaches, human-papiloma virus,parasites,peridontal disease, and possibly systemic candida.

i have noticed the following benefits from taking mms for about a month now--

no herpes breakout since taking mms

waking up feeling somewhat better (waking up was terrible before)


tighter gums on teeth

less plaque than ever

good breath

no leg pains

no muscle aches

no chronic itching

way less headaches

a bit clearer in my head

cravings for caffiene/coffee drastically reduced

neck painREDUCED

some parasites dispelled

breathing deeper

no more chronic coughing at night

bronchitis seems to be gone

sinuses improved

a little less cravings for cigarettes

no more vaginal yeast infections

no more irritatted urination

more frequent bowel movements

more energy (accept when herx)

clearer skin

no more itching or fluid in the ears

gland and lymph size decreased

milder menses

increased appetite

.acute rash healed in a couple hours from bug bites

best so far is ******NO MORE HERPES 1 or 2 since being on mms    14 year ago
3005  more energy and can feel my body is less toxic. I am not craving the junk food like I was either.    14 year ago  
3079  Promising results will report later    14 year ago  
3087  Been having vertigo especially at night for months. Took my first dose yesterday afternoon, 2 drops, then 10 drops before bedtime. Normally when I lay down, I get nauseated almost to the point of vomiting. But last night after the first 2 doses of MMS no vertigo. When I got up this morning none of the usual morning unsteadiness and ringing I have had in my ears for years is virtually gone. Feel better today than I have in so long I cannot remember. That could be just a placebo effect, but the vertigo could only have been the MMS.    14 year ago  
3094  I have used it to clean my face and it has helped my acne    14 year ago  
3159  I finally ordered MMS and tried it starting with 7 drops and used apple cider vinegar to activate it. I covered the glass for three minutes and then added water. Taste was not as bad as I expected from reading about it. I had no adverse reaction, and am not sure but i think it seems to clear minor acne. will keep posted on experiences.    14 year ago  
3172  I'm taking MMS for HSV1, HSV2 and what I think is HSV in my head and face (in my skin). I've had HSV2 for 18+ years. I was taking Oregano oil before starting MMS so I wasn't having ob's for that, and continue to have no ob's now that I'm on MMS.
HSV1 just started a few months ago (in 11/2007). MMS has helped a lot in getting that under control. I do not feel the "jolt" in the nerves around my mouth, and have not had any ob's or cold sores while on the MMS.
FYI, I started MMS in early 3/2008, took it for about 1.5 weeks, then stopped for about 1.5 weeks. When I stopped taking it I got a bad ob on my mouth, at the lip line. It scabbed over quickly but took almost a week for the scab to heal up and go away. But since I see many people talk about having cold sore ob's for weeks at a time, I thought this was pretty good.
As for whatever is going on in the skin on my head and face, MMS has helped that a lot. I still feel a little tingling in the very top of my head, but I'm up to around 12 drops at least 2x a day. Up until 2 days ago, I would feel warm tingling in my head and face when I laid down to sleep at night and would feel it as soon as I woke up in the morning (when I was laying down, not moving around). For the past 2 nights, while I still feel *a little bit* of the tingling, it's greatly reduced from a few days ago.
This seems to be working for me.    14 year ago
3181  I have been suffering for over a year with either bursitis or some kind of cervical spur that is pressing on my column causing shoulder pain so bad at times I could hardly lift my right arm. This prevented me from going to the gym and lifting even light weigts for over a year and confined me to nothing more than my treadmill. Bummer.

The pain began to shift from my left to my right bursa and I knew it had to be my neck pressing on nerves and also giving me inflammation. Some anti-inflams worked but even Tumeric, and the rest had their limits. I was really down about this.

On the second day of MMS the pain diminished. It's that simple. By the end of 5th day, it stayed the same. I'm on my 9th or 10th day and I've been to the gym twice exercising! Is that amazing or what?

I still have pain and am not aggravating the bursa by lifting even light weights over my head nor do I think I ever will again but NOTHING has been added to my diet but MMS!

Am looking forward to more.    14 year ago
3207  I have suffered from CFS/ME for the last 6 years.
I have been on the MMS protecol for app. 2 month now but am only up to 6 drops twize daily.
from the first day I felt clear headed and more energetic, I have less joint pain and overall my pain level has gone down.    14 year ago
3286  Chronic strep throat and sinus infection gone. Lost weight and also appetite has been reduced even after not taking MMS anymore.    14 year ago  
3290  I started MMS on January 23, 2008 and at the time I had an active outbreak of Herpes 2 on the back of my leg (upper thigh). It is now mid-May and I have not had any other Herpes outbreaks, although several times I felt odd sensations near my thigh, like I might break out again,but I never did. Sensations like heat, inside my leg, even pain inside my upper thigh. I think the MMS was working on the virus, and I can't tell you how happy I am not to have had any more breakouts since the beginning of the year. I don't even use it that much anymore, maybe 7-8 drops, activated with citric acid once or twice a week, if that. If I feel any sensations near that upper thigh, I drink a dose though. It also has defintely helped to reduce my high blood pressure, I hardly ever take my blood pressure pills anymore, it had reduced my formerly high blood pressure to normal or slightly elevated levels. I think it has even helped me get rid of some parasites, or at least reduce the parasite load. A very useful product for me.    14 year ago  
3334  Complete bowel system and colon cleanse. very effective    14 year ago  
3383  skin tags disappear. Knee pain gone. Sinus seem much clearer.    14 year ago  
3410  I have been taking the MMS or Sodium Chlorite activated and diluted for 10 months. I started low and worked my way up. I experienced the usual bowel upset from the die off. I noticed improvements really quickly. Symptoms of MS spasms stopped in days. I noticed improved energy at 4 drops daily. I stopped having digestive problems. I had fewer attacks of REFLUX. Then my breathing improved and seemed to be easier and had less breathlessness. I stopped snoring at night. I slept better. I lost 12 lbs in the first couple of weeks. My edema cleared, Kidneys and bladder worked better, and I had a better flow. My balance became better. My stiffness went away. Several pre cancerous spots dried up and fell off. A long standing ear infection cleared. My sinus drained and I felt sinus was much clearer. It seemed that I was on the edge of being queezy or had Diarrhea every time I increased my drop amount. I took each strength for considerable time. Then I tried to move to next dose I always had to take an extra drop then drop back the next dose. Most of the time I was able to move to the next level in about three days of trying. I think I had such a slow climb because I have a heavy load of pathogens and one of them is Lyme BB. I think I have lowered the pathogen load with the use of MMS. I am thankful to have disposed of most of my symptoms of MS which were still bothering me. I still have some pains and neuropathy which are much improved since I have taken the MMS. I have used many other treatments over the years. Many of the treatments removed symptoms and then the symptoms returned but at a lower intensity. I was doing ozone and chelation which were very expensive but they helped. I feel the MMS has accopmplished a lot and if I need to I can continue to take it forever. If it just controls the symptoms I will be greatful. I plan to stay on maintainance forever 5 drops activated with 25 drops Citric Acid 10% and diluted in 4 oz of water.once a day. I have prevented the flu, periodontial disease, toothaches, much pain and all that I have related to you above. I found MMS very productive for the amount of effort and the Financial price is incrediblely small.    14 year ago  
3514  n/a    14 year ago  
3522  I've been taking MMS for 6 days. I take it to rid myself of Asthma. So far, I am breathing better, but still have trouble on walks that require some upward walking. I am o n 5 twice a day, I get nauseated. I tried 6, and was real nauseated. So how long does it take to really see improvement with Asthma? Is it a permanent fix against the wheezing, etc?    14 year ago  
3535  All colitis symptoms gone. It's amazing.

Along with it, I used, Vit E supplements, Fish Oils, Turmeric supplement, and probiotics.    14 year ago
3543  More energy, better sleep, less allergies.    14 year ago  
3560  After moving to a new location, I noticed that when I blew my nose in the mornings there was often small bits of blood coming out. I thought this was probably due to chemtrails here (or other environment pollution). After taking MMS for a short while, this nasal discharge completely stopped.

Also, I often feel a nice, balanced increase of energy in my body after taking the MMS (currently 12 drops once a day).    14 year ago
3633  feel cleansing like a fast. loosing excess fluids. faster resolution of cold    14 year ago  
3656  I have been taking MMS for only 4 days and I noticed positive effects in the first 24 hrs.

I have had a series of small problems including chronic ear and eye infections. Those infections cleared up in one day of taking MMS.

My eye infection had begun a year ago and had been plaguing me for a year and was cured in one dose of MMS.

I also had a fever and flu when I began MMS and that was gone in one day as well.

The other thing I noticed was my lymph nodes had been swollen for many many years and the swelling went down within one dose as well.

   14 year ago
3708  I used to suffer from both Urinary Tract Infections and Asthma... since I began using MMS I no longer suffer from either of those.    14 year ago  
3734  helped twice with urinary retention and generalized edema    14 year ago  
3739  Only been using it for 2 weeks but have a general overall feeling of wellness.    14 year ago  
3751  Though I've only been doing it for a week or so, I think it has helped me quicken my recovery from a very strong flu.    14 year ago  
3811  I was suffing from severe chronic fatigue. I am not sure what all was wrong but I had taken antibiotics in February 08 and got so sick I thought I would die. Stomach problems...dry cough...overal ILL feeling. I started MMS at the end of March and my first does within one hour I was feeling better. I continued the MMS but had problems with my stomach and had to discontinue -- my intestional Flora was out of balance. I was eventually diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome. Took another round of MMS in the summer of 08 and built up to 5 to 7 drops 2x daily and again severe stomach issues.. but My skin started healing and the chronic fatigue was alleviated. My brain fog cleared. I plan to start mms on low does again and use probiotics to help.    13 year ago  
3925  have not tired yet, but did not want to click on the no for that reason.
   13 year ago
3943  After just a few days I noticed better breathing,a feeling of well being, far less joint pain, fewer chest pains, more energy and generally felt better than in ten years.    13 year ago  
3946  I used MMS from various suppliers and found some variation in ppm and ph enough do make me think the rawmaterial used in wet commercial or blended out sodium chlorate, not lab sodium chlorite and the citric acid was not soft food grade. Anyhow I did not take to many chances my life was at stake, my brain was fading fast.It was for me a do or die situation. I made my own refined MMS mini kit for myself that contain 375 drops and the activator in natural citric acid food grade, I blended this at 1:4, but went back to 1:3 because the drops of the stabilized oxygen was 25 to a gram and the citric acid 20 to a gram and the kit was then 1 mini bottle 15 ml (1/2oz) stabilized oxygen and 2 mini bottles with citric acid at 22,5 ml each. I dont expect people to have the ppm and ph meters and ph paper testers in the house and I surely dont need a 120 ml bottle with 2400 drops when I can cure myself with less than 375, the taste of my kit finish product is very mild and the MMS from the market is very rough, suitable for gold miners in the jungle, Jim Humble made a good job, so I made a refined mini MMS, the pathogone with quality chemicals, look up,
yes this works it has eliminated my brain failures and few days ago in the hospital it was reported to me that a patient with water in lungs was drip fed with sodium chlorite to clear the problems! regards Widar Rom,    13 year ago
4021  Yes many, gingivitis cured (I use MMS every day for my teeth) , UTI of thirty years cured, Staph infection cured, Typhus cured, helped me stop smoking.

I posted on my website    6 year ago
4026  i have been using mms for several days because i have had a terrible cough for several weeks. i noticed a big difference after the 3rd day taking 6 drops twice a day. all the stuff in my lungs are loose and being expelled. i was on codene cough syrup and all that did was actually put me in a bad mood and sleep a lot. the mms is actually bringing this stuff to the surface and giving me more energy.    13 year ago  
4032  It shortened a breakout of the shingles to ten days. It has stopped all the cold/flu bugs in my kids overnight. It also has stopped the pain and boiling up of my skin involving a burn I had. I had some food poisoning that was stopped in several hours. We love it, and are grateful for it.    13 year ago  
4043  I have something to share on the subject. I read Jim Humble's book on MMS and have been using it for all sorts of problems, including brushing my teeth with it. It is a marvelous product!

A mouth ulcer or gum soreness/infection will clear up within a day or two depending how severe it is - nothing else has done that for me. Also a family member had stomach surgery and developed a huge protrusion filled with blood. I activated a strong dose (30 drops) of the MMS with Citric Acid per the instructions, added DMSO to it, and poured it into a spray bottle, then added MSM water to it. He was in such pain, but we cleaned the area thoroughly with irrigation, and sprayed the MMS on, repeating it on the hour. The pain subsided within the first hour and after doing this for the rest of the day, the condition improved to where he moved around freely, and returned to light duty the next day. He tells everybody that wants to listen about this miracle that we observed with our own eyes.
   13 year ago
4051  I used for just 2 weeks MMS, after I stopped for tiredness reason (I exagerated with dose), anyway:
- I had colitis, and now is 100% off
- also gasthritis is off (similar to colitis)
- I had still pain from Dequarvain (right hand) surgery intervention, it's normal now.
- I want to re-begin to combat Psoriasis and Vitiligo.
   13 year ago
4057  helped with gum disease    13 year ago  
4086  Had metal poisoning. Detoxified for that, but even afterwards still had Gulf War Sydrome symptoms. Garth Nicholson stated I had a very strong chance of having a mycoplasma infection. Despite propping up my immune system and everything else, I would still experience symptoms. Mycoplasma are related to malaria. They are all cell wall deficient bacteria. After taking MMS, I experienced flu like sytmptoms for 3 to 4 weeks. I lost hearing in my right ear. And my ears filled with fluid. I continued to take MMS. Then suddenly everything got better. My hearing returned and the fluid drained. My joint pain has dramatically decreased. And I have much more energy. Since MMS is effective for plasmids, and many americans are unwittingly infected, I would strongly reccomend MMS as it may help to eliminate much chronic suffering. As it has me.

I would add that Dr Garth Nicholson, one of the worlds top Mycrobiologists states that one of the effective treatments for chronic illnesses is hyperbaric oxegen therapy, and another is an oxegenated chlorine drug. These are effective for mycoplasma. And it would appear to me that MMS is as well.    13 year ago
4097  Numerous!    13 year ago  
4100  no more allergies, fungus and asthma    13 year ago  
4142  Major improvement of ulcerative colitis especially stopping of longterm bleeding, still none 12 months on despite only 6 weeks of use, also gradual lessening of diarrhea episodes to complete remission. I did use other methods subsequently to keep it in remission.
Also improvement of urine flow and gradual increase in wellbeing    13 year ago
4148  I have been dealing with a virus of no known origin for over 22 years. It acts like herpes, but is not. Odd, but there you have it. I am taking MMS and supplementing with 4 caps per day of Pet Flora, a human grade soil-based probiotic. I haven't barked yet.    13 year ago  
4189  Child 3.5 years presented swollen red uncircumcised penis, diagnosed with balanitis. Doctor gave scriipt for antibiotics, urged rapid treatment necessary, suggest a week necessary to fix.

Threw away script, as not particularly into giving our child leaky gut syndrome, destroying flora, or other adverse reactions. Gave MMS, at about 1 drop/kilogram body weight. That evening he got out a large lump of sebum whilst on toilet.

Next day, no redness, no swelling, area seemed back to normal. Has maintained good health there since then, more than a month after the balanitis.    13 year ago
4206  acute asthma/chest infection went very quickly    9 year ago  
4249  I am suffering from fungus and yeast and since I started I can see and feel the cleaning.
I started with 2 drops and am now (after several breaks) on 15 drops three times a day.    13 year ago
4290  I was unable to take any anti-fungals to get rid of candida prior to taking MMS (context = cfs). Taking MMS was harsh and took time and perseverence but eventually I was able to take the maximum dose of antifungals (capryllic acid) at the same time without a reaction.

I think it also helped me to get stronger more quickly - I started it last summer (2008) when my energy had already got to the point where I could undertake relatively long walks - by the time I was up to 10+ drops I was able to walk 8-9 miles on a good day.

I'm still working with it and I'm not sure about all the claims (it's never totally cured colds or flu for example) - but maybe I just haven't yet taken it at the correct dosage to kill viruses.    13 year ago
4301  I have had recurrent bacterial vaginosis on and off for about 6 years. Antibiotics used to help until I became resistant to them. Then starting a year and a half ago, I developed BV again and this time absolutely nothing would help - neither antibiotics nor natural cures. But using MMS as a douche (3 ml) for about 2 months cured it.    13 year ago  
4383  I suffer from chronic glomerulonephritis (a kidney disorder), but after only two weeks on MMS my numbers have significantly improved. Hooray :)    13 year ago  
4386  It lowered my viral load for HEP C from over a million down to about 137,000; Feel better more energy! I have been using MMS since 2008. I use it for burns, flu, food poisoning, acne, and HEpC. I use it for everything!!! My son always asks why he rarely goes to the doctor, He's 15!    4 year ago  
4419  overall improvement    13 year ago  
4449  I've contacted a sexual transmitting disease a while back and of course, to the doctor, he thinks it isn't possible to get rid of it. Well, I know better. Took mms in the morning and in the evening (15 drops x 2) for a week. After a week, saw the doctor again and he took a blood sample from me. Well, guess what, no more sexual transmitting disease. The doctor couldn't explain.    13 year ago  
4506  Brough epididimits infection under control in less than 3 days.    12 year ago  
4509  increased energy and expelling of parasites, whip worms and roundworms, tapeworms    12 year ago  
4523  Sufferer of frequent cold sores which were worsening, ceased.
   12 year ago
4586  I had a bladder infection took 5 drops twice in 1 day and the next day was symptom free.

I also had a cold sore and after spraying MMS on it in 1 day it was healing and almost gone!

I praise MMS    12 year ago
4605  Cleared long term sinus and other infections that did not repsond to surgery or allopathic medicines    12 year ago  
4705  I have had a few good results with mms, first of all i have had strep throat on and off for years which required antibiotics.
I do the 6 drops of mms and after 3 days the white infection spots started to cough up and when i pressed with my finger on my tonsil it just oozed infection. I continued to use it and after a week everything was gone, i stayed on the 6 drops for another week and so far so good.
Also i am type 2 diabetic, i noticed when i took it my energy levels were off the wall compared to what they were, i just had lots of energy and i will call it a reduction in brain fog. My head was clearer and i lost my fatigue and i slept better.
After the two weeks were up and i quit using the mms, my energy went down, cravings for sweets came back along with the fatigue.
I now take 3 drops at bed time and for the last 3 months i am energetic again and i find my sugar levels are better, resulting in less pills to take, the only thing i need to do is check my sugar more often so it does not go to low when i am out and active.    12 year ago
4748  its only been a week.,im up to 10drops per day.,with no adverse side effects. had some weird pressure in my left arm one nite that lasted about 10minutes, next night same thing in my right arm.,weird., i was sitting at the computer one night my vision got blurry in my left eye lasted about 15seconds then cleared up.,that kinda scared me. other then that,,nothing else.,a little disappointed becasue, im waiting for the nausea and diarrhea to flush out the bad stuff,,maybe that's coming later.    12 year ago  
4753  herpes simplex    12 year ago  
4781  it has been excellent!!!!
I finished with vaginitis and bleeding gums of many years.
Also very good for conjunctivitis and sinus.... and tub baths.    12 year ago
4817  feeling much more energetic,and did experience a die off of symptoms of cough and colds    12 year ago  
4861  Knocking back the flu.    12 year ago  
4902  2 days after taking MMS my asma disapeared and a few other healthimprovements    12 year ago  
4915  amazing stuff!! wouldnt be without it - has helped with so many things - healed very bad pulled muscle in back in 36 hours - that was my first experience with it and have used it since - has helped with severe neck pain, infection, sinusitus, systemic illness due to long term hidden large jawbone infection, which was recently found by a wonderful dentist and removed - now I expect the mms to help clear out all the toxins in my body from the toxins generated from the jawbone infection - my only issue with it is the horrible smell and taste - but I just breath through my mouth for about 5 minutes after taking it and it allows me to take it without vomiting from the bleachy smell/taste - otherwise LOVE IT!!!    12 year ago  
4916  to many to recall over the years of using    12 year ago  
4925  I am a 64 year old male.I have had type 2 diabetes for 20 years,and for the last ten years have suffered 5 heart attacks.I am now suffering from Congestive heart failure following the last heart attack three years ago.Heart failure is a terminal illness with an approximate 5 year survival.A high percentage of sufferers expire in year one, and I am in my third year.The point of all this is that I am in a very serious and delicate health situation including a medically lowered blood pressure to help heart function. The diabetes has wrecked my immune system and as a consequence,I have always had difficult winters in our English 'Flu season,always suffering for long periods with a variety of chest infections and a worsening toxin elimination ability.
Now,congestive heart failure severely affects the lungs with an overload of Phlegm,and during the first year of the condition ..reshaping(enlargement) of the heart takes place putting strain on some of the muscles of breathing the diaphragm and the rib muscles.Shortness of breath and low blood pressure are serious features of the illness.The last thing needed during this time is a chest infection or becomes swiftly life threatening.
Yet it was exactly this that introduced me to MMS. I contracted a nasty flu that refused to respond to three courses of antibiotics and I thought I was going to die ..I became so ill.
I have always been a keen fan of Alternative therapies and had done some research into I sent for some and proceeded with the high 15 drop x three daily doses. Yes I got diahorhea...BUT it was a cleansing event ...a NATURAL dumping of body toxins and very pleasant and welcome..I had a crisis night when I really thought I might die ..I had to sleep upright in a chair so as to breath and be able to cough up phlegm.....I woke up with the flu beaten ...and lungs clear ...recovery was rapid thereafter .
I have taken a maintenance dose every day since ....increasing when sickness threatens ....and I can report that for the first time in over twenty years ....for the last two winters I have been infection free. I have a 'designer' lowered blood pressure because of prescribed medicines I take and taking MMS regularly has had no adverse effects at all.
I use MMS as a much needed guarantee to keep me infection free life depends upon it under my health circumstances.
The FDA warnings are mischievous and plainly wrong..they have a not-so-hidden agenda to follow .People everywhere have a sovereign right to self determination ..the right to choose in all things ....Organisations like the FDA treat us as slaves ..objects..the chattels of the State ....We need to show them the error of their ways by using people power and giving them the finger.
I DO take a battery of FDA approved prescribed medicines for my condition, the side effects of which are crippling and have destroyed my quality of life . They have caused severe gout attacks,muscle cramps ,cough,choking,low blood pressure and a whole lot more ....but the good ol' FDA approved all of them even though they might even kill me ...VESTED and power is what drives these critters ..nothing more ..They pretend to care about us but really couldn't care less..we are their pay day thats it .
Incidentaly I have been involved closely in providing health care for over thirty years, and being so impressed with the benefits of MMS.I arranged the opening up of a clinic in Cameroon, Africa under the management of a friend of mine but directed and trained by me.
Opened a year ago ..the clinic is now inundated by clients presenting every illness imaginable .Personal testimonials of success are every bit as powerful as evidence as so-called scientific method...after all ..drug companies would give their eye-teeth for the opportunity to field test their drugs on a human population is the final proof of efficacy(or otherwise) of a drugs usefulness.MMS is not a drug is simple chemistry ...actually schoolboy leaves no harmful residues (small amounts of water and tiny amounts of table salt).It loses potency in an hour or two when inside the body ,during which time it reacts ONLY with acidic pathogens and is therefore extremely selective in attacking only pathogens harmful to us .
I can say that in the time since its opening,the clinic has received not a single complaint ,but hundreds of satisfaction testimonials from a whole variety of illness types.Malaria sufferers form a large part of the programme ..generally they claim that they are cured within a day ..sometimes within 4 hours .
NOW THIS IS TESTIMONY that impresses me ...NOT the mealy mouthed words of FDA warnings and the words of their placemen calling themselves scientists .My own experiences following self use are confirmed and reproduced the world over.Millions have used it now ....and not a single fatality reported...doesn't that speak for itself??
I hope this testimony of mine helps.    12 year ago
4964  I use it for everything I get wrong with me and it cures it. I even use it on my cats. It wormed them and cured 3 cats of feline influenza. I just used 2 activated drops for all 5 cats in their milk plus added some vanilla to mask the smell for two weeks. They were cured in 5 days.    12 year ago  
4968  Neck and joint pain has passed. Sleep deeper and well rested in the am. No colds. Removed wart type tags on daughter. Friend fought off flu which wife carried for two weeks on a z pak. he was better in 3 days. Toothache gone in minutes.    12 year ago  
4975  Was experiencing flu like symptoms. Also, recently completed liver flush and felt backed up in my lower intestines. After drinking MMS with water and using MMS mixed with DMSO and applying it topically, felt dramatic results.

Mental clarity and focus increased, excreted parasites out of my intestines.    12 year ago
4994  2 times in the past 1.5 yrs I have gotten an ear ache. The 1st time was 1.5 yrs ago with a sore throat as well as the ear ache. I allowed the ear ache and sore throat to go on for 2 days to convince myself that I was actually sick. On the 2nd night after getting the sore throat and ear ache, I took 2 doses of MMS, 1 hour apart, right before bed. Each dose was 25 drops mixed with the proper amount of citric acid solution added to 1/2 cup water.

The next morning when I got up, there was no ear ache and there was no sore throat!

About 6 months ago, I got another ear ache. I immediately took 2 doses of MMS taken just like the 1st time I used it. Next morning when I got up, again, no more ear ache.    12 year ago
5022  Both my wife and myself have had flus and colds that went away
very quickly.    12 year ago
5027  I have used MMS to help with my largest health problem, which is teeth issues, particularly jaw infections around teeth, root canals, bridges and implants. Brushing and gargling according to directions has helped tremendously, and I am continuing to work on that for further results. Also, I take MMS, the amount determined by muscle testing or pendulum, and I haven't been sick in a long time. I have lately been taking it most days, and especially remember to check if I feel something coming on. I almost always feel the boost from it almost immediately, and usually the symptoms are gone and forgotten almost right away. I still use other methods of working on my health and healing, including yoga and homeopathy and yogic diet. This has been a great addition, with better results than without it, especially for my teeth.    12 year ago  
5028  After 50 years of psoriasis on the scalp I have now got a clear head of hair. No more itching or flaky skin. I have also cleared my sinuses of life long mucus and nasal polyps. At age 19 I lost my sense of smell but I am begining to regain it slowly.    12 year ago  
5029  My cough was remove and i feel more active while taking the MMS    12 year ago  
5032  Have experienced improvement in gum problems and general energy and feelings of well being    12 year ago  
5033  I have completely cured two cases of the Flu with MMS. I used nothing but MMS for my own treatment process and the results were amazing. I was very impressed with how fast and efficient the symptoms started to disappear.

As already stated in Jim's book on MMS, one must be careful about the doses or diarrhea may result. I did take too much, too fast during the 2nd bout of flu which resulted in a bit of diarrhea for a couple of hours (on and off). As soon as I cut back on the dose, the diarrhea stopped. What is most important is that MMS worked!    12 year ago
5034  I'm 62, retired from the construction trade. I developed acute pain in the palm portion of my thumbs. A chronic pain because I lifted very heavy things when working construction and used a jack hammer as well as a regular heavy hammer for driving concrete nails into concrete and an impact drill constantly. The results after taking MMS takes place in only 10-15 minutes after taking the MMS. If I stop taking the MMS, the pain comes back after about 4-7 days.    12 year ago  
5039  improved vision...    12 year ago  
5044  I have taken MMS for my thyroid since December 2007 for periods of 1 to 2 months. I have blood work and ultrasounds for about 2 years prior to when I started taking MMS. I had 3 ultrasounds and 3 sets of blood work prior to taking MMS. I have nodules on my thyroid that were diagnosed in May of 2005 and continued to grow. At the largest, my right thyroid nodule was 5.5 by 2.9 by 4 cm. (Very large). My last TSH reading prior to taking MMS was 0.07. The normal range for TSH is 0.450 Ė 4.50. Needless to say my TSH was extremely low.

After taking MMS for about 1 month in December 2007, my TSH in February 2008 was 0.324. This is just below normal which was fantastic for me considering how low it had been. I worked up to about 15 drops, usually once a day, sometimes twice. My nodules did not shrink after the first time I took MMS.

In April 2008 I started taking 50 mg Iodoral with ATP Cofactors. This made my nodule shrink to 4.2 by 2.5 by 2.2 cm as of August 2009. I took MMS again for 1 month September 2009, working up to 18 drops and my nodule shrank to 3.6 by 2.3 by 2 cm as of March 2010. There was a time when I had 2 ultrasounds without taking MMS and the nodule barely shrank at all. This is how I know the MMS shrinks my nodules. In December 2008, after being on the Iodoral for 8 months, my nodule shrank to 4.2 by 3.0 by 2.2 cm. My next ultrasound in August 2009, it nearly stayed the same at 4.2 by 2.5 by 2.2 cm. After I took the MMS again in September is when it shrank to to 3.6 by 2.3 by 2 cm.

My TSH also continued to get better with the MMS. It went from 0.07 in July 2007, to 0.324 in February 2008 to 0.962 in October 2009 (my first normal reading) to 1.61 in April 2010 (well into the normal range)

My most recent ultrasound in December 2010, after taking MMS again for about 3 weeks 6 to 8 drops, showed the nodule to be 3.2 by 2.3 by 2.1. MMS has definitely shrank my thyroid nodules and made my TSH be normal and I have only positive things to say about it.

My husband also took MMS for about a week about 4 to 5 times a day and got rid of several warts on his hands that he had for years!
   12 year ago
5098  I had chronic bronchitis that would recur 4 to 5 times a year, debilitating me for a month or more each time. Antibiotics did not work, other than allowing a bit of recuperation until the next time. This went on for about 4 years. MMS cured it and it has never come back, now over 3 years later. Also had some arthritis and it left completely. Better energy, better health.    11 year ago  
5100  So many, that it's almost magic!
I quit drinking beer! Possibly because MMS killed some fungus that was in my system for years, so I no longer crave for a beer.
Also, it seems I had Candida, because now my appetite is better than ever, and the food tastes better too!
No more bleeding gums while I brush my teeth.
I sleep like a baby, specially when I take my MMS (6 drops) at night, just before going to sleep.
My mother, who has COPD, is now almost free of ALL lung medications, thanks to MMS (+ DMSO added some times). Her blood pressure is now normal, after being on 10mg Norvask for 40 years!    11 year ago
5119  Reduction of candida symptoms, reduction of adrenal fatigue, clearing of acne, clearing of fungal infection, better breath.    11 year ago  
5160  While a dozen of people around me at work missed up to 2 weeks because of bad Flu symptoms, fortunatelly not H1N1 as advertised by the government, I went through with no problem. Winters of 2009-2010    11 year ago  
5198  Used it for an aspergillus niger/candida overgrowth and experienced an enormous breakthrough.    11 year ago  
5250  MMS got rid of MRSA for me. I had had reoccuring bouts. I used it topically with a drop of DMSO. I also dipped cotton swabs in it and cleaned my nasal passages as deep as i could a coupl times a day for about a week. Gone!!
   11 year ago
5401  I got a diagnosis of erosive oral lichen planus on 9-19-11 and in the evening I did three drops and a Twin Lab Iron capsule sprinkled on my tongue, Ďcuz my bloodwork shows Iím a little low iron . I felt ok, well, maybe a passing minor queasy feeling. The next day, I did three drops an hour for five hours when I started feeling queasy again. I ignored it and hoped to get better so I took a 1000mg Emergen C but too late, a herc reaction.

There was 1 cup/2 doses left, so I added 2 cups. The next day I did 8 doses of 1 drop per oz. I feel good and my tongue problems are doing much better. Besides my burning tongue, I had a biopsy done a week before. The stiches on the bottom side of my tongue when they cut out a chunk by the third dose were barely noticeable. The top of my tongue still looks like it has valleys in it. When I was first having bad symptoms of burning and cracked tongue, I could make it feel instantly better by sprinkling a capsule of Twin Lab iron on my tongue.

I noticed when I was taking MMS my tongue didnít feel parched. I am super thirsty now that I havenít had any in 6 hours.
   11 year ago
5409  My MMS usage has had 2 larger good results and seems to have a solid positive impact on my ongoing candidias. Though I suffer from skin mites and the ensuing mental issues, I have not cured my candidias or eliminated my skin mites (or whatever they are). Too this point with my mites the best stuff has been either Iodine combined with Borax or MSM. Currently I cannot get the SSKI and am relying on the MSM, 1\2 to 1 teaspoon 2X a day and the results are really good. Check out the skin mites forum over on Yahoo groups.

Back to the MMS.

The 1st positive thing MMS did for me was once I had worked up to 14 drops, later that afternoon when I was at work, I became aware of a warming sensation in the area just in front of my anus, the area of my male squirt gun muscle got hot and was that way for a while, 20 - 30 minutes +\-. I have always wonder'd if the MMS was killing off cancer or some such. I had a history of the never ending urine flow. I have not had any issues with this in several years. I had this reaction to the MMS in 2008. :)

The second Postive reaction to MMS was with a recently injured hand. I sustained a nice contusion to my right hand in a car accident. The next day the pain led me to believe I had a broken bone in my hand. Certain movements were excruciating and at the same time I could lift and do alot of normal things with my hand. An X-ray did not show a broken bone. It seemed to heal with the aid of a brace and I forgot about it for 2 months. Spent 9.11.2011, running a chainsaw all day and the swelling and pain returned. Next 2 weeks used the brace and it helped a little. but the pain and sweeling were back and as bad as after the accident. Also used direct application of Urine Therapa and that reduced the swelling every time, but did not heal it. Then I decided to use MMS combined with DMSO directly on the contusion. I used 2 or 3 drops of MMS, activated with ACV (for 3 minutes) and then mixed the DMSO into the MMS for 3 more Minutes. I did the mixing in a glass measuring cup. Using my bare fingers, I then applied it directly to the contusion and the surrounding area. I did this 4 or 5 times, over 3 or 4 days. Well the fantastic news is I have no more issue with my hand. It's been a month and a half, no pain, no swelling. I am truly psyched, as I work with my hands and more importantly PLAY with my a hands.

They say "knowledge is power".

May you find the answers to your physical and mental health issues.

Be well.

:)    11 year ago
5591  Within three days had relief from undiagnosed thyroid problem. Voice was hoarse and low. Couldn't sing high notes. selling in neck gone. Either couldn't wear necklace due to sensitivity or too tight. Tired easily and felt "low".
All corrected. I had no idea my thyroid was the problem, since i do not go to traditional doctors, except for wounds.    10 year ago
5653  It has helped me with many things from foot fungus to mouth/teeth problems, has also help with my pets    10 year ago  
5693  It helps me sleep at night. It helps me get over eating sugar, chocolate, or carbs.    10 year ago  
5803  Used MMS very successfully to immediately (within 1 day) eliminate low-level pain, discomfort, swelling & nodules in the thyroid area. Each time only doing the protocol for 2 or 3 days instead of the recommended 21 days (because of aversion to taste), resulting in the symptoms returning within 10 to 14 days. Repeated this cycle numerous times (6-10) with the same result before discovering CDS (MMS process that eliminates the taste & acidic property).    9 year ago  
5961  It has been tested over period of >4 years and proved very effective against common cold, flu, blood poisoning, cuts/ bruises disinfectant, eliminated abscess tooth problem on couple occasions during 36hrs. No other medication has been used in parallel.    9 year ago  
6025  I have used MMS for swine flu cured it in 12 hours. Strep throat and toenail fungus too. MMS is great.    8 year ago  
6143  Quite a few health benefits actually. More like a Cure even.
Its quite common for a sexually active person to get a form of candida or thrush and as I am male its difficult to treat. Antibiotics just dont clear it up. This lead to a prostate condition and after months of discomfort the urologist just wanted to do a biopsy with a view to cutting the prostate out. It took about 3 weeks to end the internal sensation of discomfort but only about 4 days to end the burning from urination. Given it worked so well I continued with the treatment rising to 45 drops 3 times a day. After 6 months all my psoriasis cleared up. Even my cheeks where there was bleeding if I scratched them cleared up to perfect complexion. This was amazing. It also cleared up (cured) my indigestion problems which also can be caused by candida.
Over the course of 10 years in the dating game after a 20 year marriage, I contracted 'non specific urethritis' several times and there was no need to go to the doctor for antibiotics as MMS cleared up all symptoms in just days.
A young girl (20y) who had heard of my remedy came to see me and said every time she had sex with her boyfriend came back with the itchies in her urinary tract. I gave her two dropper bottles and told her to use one at the rate of 20 drops 3 times a day and not to have sex with her b/f until he also used the second bottle. she came back 2 weeks later for some more "just in case" but said it cleared them both up completely. Some people can have candida but dont know it, either sex even and give it to their partners. (good case for condoms lol) This is also a testimonial that candida or thrush is what causes cancer known as cervical or prostate.
   8 year ago
6194  Helps eliminate fibromyalgia flairup & osteoarthritis pain.    8 year ago  
6207  I have successfully treated a tooth abscess, skin tags, foot fungus, and UTI. My husband is treating his periodontal disease and skin issues. I am also treating my Lyme disease with MMS2. I would advise everyone to learn how to use MMS and MMS2 and take control of their health. It is important to study first before you use it, as it is VERY potent, i.e. dosages are measured in single drops and tiny granules - this is the reason all the anti-MMS vitrol is out there - people don't understand how powerful it is.    8 year ago  
6259  My mother had colon cancer, when they operated to remove it she ended up with a terrible e-coli infection that they gave her IV antibiotics for, every time they sent her home, after a few days she would begin shaking and turn blue because of sepsis, she would be rushed back to hospital and put on stronger IV antibiotics each time, the cancer returned and was growing rapidly. This terrible scenario went on for almost a year and she had to have a line in her arm that lead to her heart, so they could give the IV antibiotics easier as her veins were collapsed, in the end they sent her home to die and said the infection was now immune to all antibiotics, it meant the next time the shaking started we would have to watch mum either die of a painful heart attack or slip into a coma whilst gasping for breath. I decided MMS was our only hope, I had read many things on it but had been afraid to use it, now it was our only choice.

I started giving mum 3 drops regularly, I noticed when her temperature was high it would bring it back down. Mums colon cancer had broken through an old scar from a C section she had when my brother was born, and then it looked like more cancer was trying to break through the skin higher up her abdomen, she had been on MMS for 2 weeks at this point, without it she would have died after just a few days with no IV antibiotics.

The area that looked like it was going to open, did open but it wasn't cancer that was opening it, I believe it was the MMS trying to find a way to get the infection out of her body. She lost all this old dark fluid through it, and the high temperatures stopped altogether. We noticed the lumps of cancer under the skin begin to shrink and many disappeared, I decided to start spraying the visible tumour with MMS, within days it turned black and dropped away with no bleeding at all. Mum lived for 3 whole months with no sepsis, the doctors and nurses were amazed, but her doctor didn't like the fact we were proving them wrong and mum wasn't dying of the infection, like he had hovered over her and repeated would be the outcome, many times.

Mum still had a great appetite and the cancer was melting away daily. Unfortunately this story doesn't have the happy ending I envisaged, the strong IV antibiotics mum had been pumped with for a whole year, had already damaged her liver and kidneys extensively, she had also contracted C Diff, a hospital acquired infection which had ravished her colon for months (we had no choice but to cure it ourselves with fecal transplants before it killed her) her body couldn't cope with the huge die off of cancer cells and she needed fluids and blood, which we couldn't get at home, mum didn't want another day in hospital because she had nearly died there so many times and she was very weak. She passed away in April 2014 at my home. There isn't a day goes by that I don't wish I had had the courage to use MMS sooner, I'm completely convinced that it would have saved my mothers life and prevented that terrible year of sepsis attacks, plus prevented even the need for my mothers original surgery to remove the cancer, which was 3 cm in size at diagnosis, but completely filled her abdomen a few months after surgery.

MMS allowed us to take control back from the failing medical industry, vitamin C and curcumin also saved mum from dying of septic shock, we used it more than 10 times during sepsis attacks to prevent her capillaries blocking and her organs shutting down, that's completely unheard of, most people die during their first encounter with sepsis, you won't find anyone out there who has survived these attacks like my mum did. With MMS we would have prevented them in the first place and she would have been home, rather than spending what accumulates to at least 7 months in hospital out of her year of illness. I posted on the MMS forum about our success with mums infection and was startled at the fact no one was shocked, because miracles happen every day for people using this and my mums story was nothing new to their community.

It was very sad to watch my mum die at just 66, while the cancer died also and the infection was gone, we just needed a little more time which we would have had if I hadn't been afraid to give MMS a try sooner.    7 year ago
6297  It has saved my life several times. I'm so emotional right now I'm making myself down this. I've had lyme for 18 years. I've been existing in knawing hell if it was only that simple. I just realized that I unquestionably have Morgellons disease. I almost died last fall. The high alkalinity eradicated it out of my body. Was taking higher doses as often as I could. Herx Heimer reaction. But I think bathing in it. 30 drops to clean the water first then another 30 drops for me. I experienced something like I read that happened to someone online. Kind of a exodus of sorts. They exploded out of my pore's then continued to dissipate over the full hour I stayed in there.. My body was actually leaving little tiny bubble streams. I had no idea what was happening to me. Thank god for free information. I'm still putting it together.    7 year ago  
6602  Used MMS for Bronchitis and the symptoms subsided very quickly thereafter.

Used it for colds also.    30 mon ago

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