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Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Survey Results
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Explanations submitted by users who selected the next option:
1  Have you experienced any health benefits while using MMS?
1 No 34 of 173 20%
2990  I am a healthy individual, but was curious if anything evil was lurking in me. I also have several friends who are having cancer issues. I thought I would give MMS a try, read up on it, and perhaps offer this knowledge to them for evaluation.    14 year ago  
3008  Not yet , just started in late Dec 07. Do not have any specific medical issues other than now and then Kidney stones, and some sinus issues.    14 year ago  
3097  I am answering on behalf of my baby - 14 months old.

He has the chicken pox. We used the MMS with him, but his chicken pox was very severe, much more severe than his brother had it. He developed a high fever on the third day of spots... which is unusual. Normally the fever comes two days before the spots (he didn't have one then). His fever was around 39 degrees C. I was very concerned. I gave him a half a bottle of water with his dose of MMS in it, and made him drink the whole lot. About one minute later, he had his first convulsion. The fever was VERY high.

The MMS did nothing to relieve the fever.    14 year ago
3277  Not really sure, I have recovered from Hep-C after a 2 year natural healing regime, although I still test positive to the antibodies. I am waiting to take another blood test after a few months to see if the virus is eradicated.    14 year ago  
3539  mms protocol made me sick & diareoha regardless of the doseage i reacted unfavourably    14 year ago  
4514  I had high hopes for MMS. It really did nothing for me.    12 year ago  
4547  I started taking MMS for persistent yeast infection due to 4 months of antibiotics to clear up a milk gland infection. Not only did the antibiotics not heal the infection which I still have, but it caused me to get a yeast infection that has become systemic - vaginal, oral, rectal, and even some symptoms around the belly button. I was desperate, so I tried the MMS. I took it for about 7 days during which I had never felt so ill in my life. No nausea, even at 10 drops twice a day, but such severe headaches, muscle aches and diarrhea, I was unable to go to work. I stopped taking the MMS, but as of yet am not over the headaches. The body aches and diarrhea finally went away after about 10 more days. Don't know if I was doing anything wrong, but I wouldn't be able to keep up with that cure if it meant not working and taking care of my daughter. I am a single mom and neither of those are viable options.    12 year ago  
4972  Only using it for two weeks.    12 year ago  
6193  MMS is a toxic hoax!    8 year ago  
6538  Mild improvement with mild energy boost. Improves PH level.    5 year ago  

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