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The Liver Flush Survey Results
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1  Have you regretted doing liver flushes?
1 I haven't regretted, but I am worse now then before. 18 of 1212 1%
1044  Hopefully this is normal, I did my first cleanse and I only got maybe 20 stones out. It's been 3 days since my cleanse and I have had only 2 bm's and am feeling ver bloated. Am a little worried but hopefully this will be better after another cleanse..    16 year ago  
1087  I'm not sure yet if liver flushing has been good for me or a negative thing. I did it because it sounded like a good idea; to flush the liver therefore ridding my body of built up toxins from years of bad diet, and therefore to be healthier and have more energy. I wasn't in poor health, but i was very listless throughout the day, and was tired of that lifestyle. Problem is, ever since i started flushing (4 times) i have developed myriad digestive/liver/gallbladder problems. In hindsight i either wish i never did it, or at least had more info. I read Hulda Clark's book, and all th einfo for the flush is there, but there are so manuy things that are not. Especially the importance of keeping the body's elimination channels free flowing for awhile afterwards. Also, you can't just do one, and while she doesn't say that, she doesn't stress the fact that this is a few years of a process, something i really wish i knew.    16 year ago  
2310  Howdy! I had done the flush twice before ,after the m.c. with pretty good results , That was a few years ago. About a week and a half ago I noticed my gall bladder area was a little painful ,and I was feeling a little tingly in my arms and legs,and had a metalic taste comming from the tip of my tounge. .... And a slight light headedness and nausia. I promply did a salt water flush thinking that maby I was slightly food poisoned. This gave me some temp. relief but It has continued ever since. I must tell you that my diet is 90% veg. with seafood , mostly salmon{canned}.And I do a lot of yoga. Anyhow I thought... ok, I will gear up for the liver flush I did a few days of eating just fruits and vegies ,taking parasite supliments. I felt I did not have to worry too much about the Parasites , Because of the amount of olive and coconut oil I consume on a daily basis. Well ..something did'nt work,though I did the "hulda" as prescribed. I did have some foul -smelling ,loose B.M. but no stones. Up until this time my B.M. s were a normal color but now I rarly have them, and when I do they are light and chalky Green. My digestion seems worse than ever . And I have felt some days of feaver aand joint ach which, Im sure is a result of the faild flush and the fruit/veg fast.I have since gone for an ultra sound , results pending. The fact that I am still eating only fruit and juices at ths poit and there has been no relief in my digestion ,or the dull pain in my liver /gal B. area worries me any sugestions other than , learn how to spell would be much appreciated thank you    15 year ago  
3232  I have been doing flushes somewhat regularly for the last ten years but was just told by my doctor that I have gallstones.(Have been having typical gallbladder symptoms.)    14 year ago  
3330  Last time I did a gall bladder flush, I had no bm until the next morning, and then later that morning I started seeing the stones. I was really amazed, and was so glad I cleansed.

Last night I attempted my second gall bladder flush, and it has been a very different experience. I used the instructions at, just like last time, but noticed that each time I took a dose, it seemed to just sit on my stomach, and my stomach felt so full by the time I went to bed. I also have had more nausea, whereas that did not affect me last time.

This morning when I awoke, I had not gotten up to have a bm during the night, and the oil and lemon juice STILL seemed to be sitting on my stomach. Worse, I was burping it, and that made the nausea really bad.

At 8 a.m. I finally started having loose bm's. I was so relieved that the end was in sight. But that stuff is moving verrrry sloooowly through, as if I had swallowed Crisco instead of cold-pressed olive oil.

I am miserable this time. It's almost 10:30 a.m. now, and I'm praying for bm's. When I do have them, they burn, and the oil and lemon juice seem to be passing through unchanged, appearing in the toilet just as it did in the cup when I drank it.

...What did I do wrong??

   14 year ago
3928  Somewhat successful but not feeling the stones. I did have several tan stones and 1000's of chafe's. I will do the cleanse as soon as 14 days pass.
No real pain. I did feel my gall bladder empty and shortly there after had a one time vomit episode. Felt ok after that.
Worth doing!    13 year ago
4420  I have no regrets. Have done the cleanse a number of times for past 15 years. Was symptom free of throwing up until last cleanse 2 days ago. Not sure if I regressed. The throwing up happened 2 days later with nausea, headache (close to a migraine). Where as I was free of these symptoms for months. The coffee enemas helped. Getting a colonic tomorrow.    13 year ago  
4532  I started doing liver flushes after a gallbladder attack. I have done 5 total so far. with my first I inmediatly felt with energy the next morning and the the rest of them I have not felt like that at all. I am not feeling 100% and with that I mean I am having little pains and ackes in my gallbladder area and intestinal area.    12 year ago  
4585  Don't have time for a story stoday -have posted to the forums... just hasn't moved stones and I have more pain.    12 year ago  
6053  After doing my 1st liver flush, my kidneys are in pain and I currently have burning sensation in the chest/ difficulty breathing.    8 year ago  
6393  I felt much worse after doing my 1-st liver flush. Indigestion, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth, pain in the liver/gallbladder area, pain in the pancreas area. I was really spooked. After 2 weeks of this I was getting really worried and almost regretted doing the flush. I started doing coffee enemas, ate beetroot every day, drank dandelion tea without any change. Then I increased my lecithin dose to 6 tablespoons a day and that helped. But I still, 23 days later have troubles with digestion and somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. I haven't even bounced back to what I felt like before doing the cleanse let alone experience any benefits. I wish there were studies on this procedure with all the pitfalls and how to avoid them. I also think lemon juice irritated my gut a lot and was part of the inflammation I got after the cleanse. If I take 1-2 tbsp of oil without lemon juice, I am fine, if I add lemon juice I get gas and indigestion the rest of the day.    6 year ago  

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