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New Survey Questions (25) 
8 How much money have you spent (altogether) on Amalgam replacement? If you opted to travel to some other country to do the replacement, please do not add travel/hotel expenses to the amount you spent on dental work. (We want to compare prices of the dental work without complicating the comparisons by adding other expenses)   14 year ago
9 Have your dentist been following the protocol for Amalgam removal?   14 year ago
10 Would you recommend your dentist(s) to CureZone visitors?   14 year ago
7 Who is(are) the dentist(s) who have been replacing your Amalgam? If you don't know the name, please at least try to remember the name of the clinic.   14 year ago
28 Pharmaceuticals, Medications & Treatments? Have you been using any patented pharmaceutical medications, diagnostic procedures or treatments (other then denatal treatments) since you started replacing Amalgam? If yes, please select all that apply:   14 year ago
6 Reason to start the replacement/extraction? What were the main reasons you decided to start replacing Amalgam?   14 year ago
23 First Contact? How did you first time learn about Amalgam dangers / replacement?   14 year ago
24 Reactions of Family Members? What were reactions of your family members when you told them that you are going to replace your Amalgams?   14 year ago
25 Have you tried to promote Amalgam replacemnt between your friends and/or relatives?   14 year ago
26 Have you changed your body weight since Amalgam replacement/extraction?   14 year ago
27 Other Remedies and Therapies: What other remedies/therapies did you use since or during the time you were doing Amalgam replacement / extraction?   14 year ago
29 Support? Have you been asking for, or receiving any form of support related to Amalgam replacement? Answer the question with yes or no. If yes, select places where you received a support related to Amalgam.   14 year ago
17 Opinion? Have you changed your opinion about Amalgam replacemnt since you tried it?   14 year ago
16 Fear? Have you been afraid to start the replacement?   14 year ago
13 Time elapsed since your last replacement/extraction?   14 year ago
22 Unchanged? Have any of your physical symptoms or ailments remained unchanged since Amalgam replacement / extraction? (Did not improve, did not get worse.) If yes, please select all that apply.   14 year ago
21 "Cure"? Have you experienced any "cure" since having Amalgam replaced/extracted? Any physical symptoms or ailments that disappeared 100%? If yes, please select all that apply.   14 year ago
20 Improvement (but not full cure)? Have you experienced any noticeable health improvement since having Amalgam replaced or extracted? If yes, select symptoms that improved, BUT are still not fully cured.   14 year ago
19 Worse? Have you experienced worsening or appearance of any of the symptoms or ailments since having Amalgam replaced/extracted? If yes, select symptoms or ailments that worsened.   14 year ago
18 Health? Your health BEFORE Amalgam replacement / extraction? Have you suffered from any frequent symptoms, chronic conditions or ailments before you had dental work done? If yes, please select all symptoms and ailments you were suffering from.   14 year ago
15 What other dental work have you had done during the same time?   14 year ago
14 What material was used for the replacement of Amalgam?   14 year ago
12 How many teeth filled with Amalgam have you had extracted, if any?   14 year ago
11 How many Amalgam fillings have you had replaced, if any?   14 year ago
5 Have you opted for replacement / extraction of all teeth filled with Amalgam, or was it just a partial job?   14 year ago
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