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Domestic Violence Survey Results
Survey Home
All Survey Questions (42) 
1 What is the definition of domestic violence or abuse? Please, click on the URL beneath question #9 for a complete explanation of domestic violence and abuse.
2 Who do you think is a typical victim of domestic violence and/or abuse?
3 Why does domestic violence and/or abuse happen?
4 Do teenagers experience domestic violend and/or abuse? Please, click on the blue question mark for more information on teen dating violence.
5 Do gay, lesbian, or transgendered relationships ever report domestic violence and/or abuse?
6 Out of 100% of reported domestic violence/abuse, what is the percentage of men who are reporting?
7 Do immigrants experience domestic violence and/or abuse? Please, click on the blue question mark at question #5 for more information on immigrant abuse.
8 What percent of victims are abused in front of their children? PLEASE, click on the blue question mark after you have made your choice.
9 Is spousal rape a criminal offense?
10 In terms of you, personally, check any experiences that you have had:
11 Do you ever feel that you must hide money from your partner?
12 Does your partner constantly make reference to your sexual activity or physical sexual appeal?
13 Does your partner ever ask you to engage in sexual activity that you find uncomfortable, painful, or personally repulsive? PLEASE, click on the blue question mark after you have selected your answer(s).
14 Has your partner ever coerced (forced or compelled) you to obtain money from family or friends?
15 Has your partner ever coerced (forced or compelled) you to participate in an illegal or distasteful activity to obtain money.
16 Do you feel that your partner deliberately instigates verbal or physical fights so that they can blow up?
17 Has your partner ever shoved, pushed, pinched, punched, slapped, or physically attacked you?
18 Is your partner able to apologize after a verbal or physical fight?
19 Does your partner encourage your spiritual or religious beliefs and practices?
20 Do you and your partner have children in common?
21 Does your partner ever ridicule or criticize your ability and/or devotion as a parent? Please, provide details if possible.
22 Has your partner ever threatened to take your children away if you didn't agree with them or go along with them? Please, provide details if possible.
23 Do you maintain close relationships with your family and/or friends? Please, provide details if possible.
24 Has your partner ever told you that you'll never make it on your own?
25 Have you ever asked your partner to attend family counseling, individual therapy, or anger management?
26 Has your partner ever threatened suicide to control your decisions or actions?
27 Has your partner ever threatened to physically harm you, your children, family members, or pets if you do not cooperate with their wishes?
28 Have you ever had to call for Police assistance during an argument with your partner?
29 Have you ever wanted or tried to leave your partner?
30 Do you feel that you are isolated and alone?
31 Does your partner control joint and/or private finances and/or financial obligation?
32 Has your partner coerced you out of or taken your money without your permission or knowledge?
33 Since you have been living with or been married to your partner, have you experienced any of the following?
34 If you are afraid and believe that you need help, do you realize that you have options? PLEASE, click on the blue question mark for more information.
35 Date Of Birth
36 Gender (Sex)
37 Who are you attracted to?
38 Marital Status
39 The highest educational level achieved?
40 Religion
41 How many children do you have?
42 How many siblings do you have?
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