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I have had I_131 therapy which is radiated iodine. My thyroid is dead. Can I use iodine since I do not have a thyroid?

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re: iodine supplements   by #172326   10 year

Tstrong - that's great you've managed to get your thyroid hormone levels in normal ranges. I'd also recommend regularly eating Iodine rich foods as there are many other minerals that work in tandem with Iodine to ensure optimal thyroid function

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Iodine, Graves Disease, RAI, and Hyperparathyroidism   by tstrong   11 year

I started to take Iodine and I have just a small nubbin of a thyroid left after RAI. I started taking it because I was getting bad heart palpitations, and I found references saying that low Iodine could cause this symptoms. I started taking it because my doctor said to not worry about the palpitations. And the Iodine seems to be doing great things for me. I tried high doses that some people were recommending, and that didn't feel good. I found the following video, and I'm following its advice. I bought 2% Lugol's solution and I take 1 vertical drop a day--3 mgs. The effect it's having on me is great. My hands and feet finally feel warm. I can be on a lower dose of levoxyl and my TSH can be in the normal range. I have more energy, I sleep better, and my heart is beating strong and steady. Iodine is needed for many other parts of your body besides your thyroid.

On a another topic: one thing you should know about that most people don't is that one long-term side effect of RAI is damage to the parathyroid glands. I went through five horrible years of being misdiagnosed before someone discovered I had developed a parathyroid adenoma. If you aren't feeling well, have your doctor check your calcium and PTH levels. Have the tests done every five years at least.

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