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DETOX~ My detox is strong, what should I do? Herxheimer's reaction explained..

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and another gem from Savagegrace, strong reactions from low doses..   by wombat   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)



Most people become frozen when too many choices and far too much information needs to be assimilated.

Add the fact that the information contradicts itself with every new data point and to few hard and fast rules appear to apply.

However, if one cannot take a mere drop of Lugol’s this indicates an extreme high probability of halogen poisoning.

Be it chlorine from pesticides, water or pools or bromine from food and drinks etc.

If one cannot handle a “low” level of Iodine without detox effects then the number one priority is to “detox” the halogens.

You simply are NOT going to achieve your health goals without removing this barrier to full health.

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PHILOSOPHY ON DETOX~ "OVERHEAD" By Savagegrace   by wombat   16 year 3 of 3 (100%)



Typically there is a specific condition or number of conditions that are identified with a specific cleanse.

So if you have a certain “health condition” the odds are you will find a “detox cleanse” for it.

Most toxic conditions were caused by overburden conditions that were not fully resolved later on.

Taking drugs is an example of masking or “curing” a specific health condition yet sets the stage for some with a congested liver and or gall bladder and “it’s” health conditions later on.

Allergies and asthma are common from gall bladder/liver congestion.

From my perspective few if any have real allergies.

They simply don’t have the overhead to handle certain types or levels of “stress”.

Unfortunately detoxing takes resources, which a lot of people don’t get.

People who get wiped out with the Liver Flush for a few days, lack resources.

People who take one drop of Lugol’s and have detox reactions have no resources.

People who take one drop of Lugol’s and have zero detox reactions and no resources, may not be bromide poisoned.

Two people with the same level of bromide poisoning, who take the same amount of Iodine but have different levels of stored resources, will experience different severity levels of detox reactions.

Should the person with resources think they’re ok not to include resources, they may find that the detox symptoms that appear in a few days or weeks, is in fact, not due to the increase in iodine, but the depletion of stored resources.

True health is about immunity to about everything.

True health is about stress and resources.

Detoxing lowers your overall stress level thus increasing your invulnerability

You do not catch a disease, your defense system was overstressed in some manner that allowed, in the majority of cases, something you already have to morph into something bad.
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Dosages & Cleansing Symptoms: By #10831   by wombat   16 year 5 of 5 (100%)


The long and short of it is that we find that in a younger person their reserves are easily brought up and the Herxheimer Effect is not all that much of an issue, for their body (and yours)--being a big sponge for dissolved metals, and various toxins and solvents-- has not absorbed years and years of things that are needing elimination and full house cleaning.

Those of us who have been around a while may want to start just in chunks or sections -- like 'on' for two weeks and 'off' for two weeks... Kinda like restoring a classic in preparation for a show car competition and starting small to see if you are really wanting to take on the project... degreasing only just the vintage chrome valve covers of encrusted baked on grease etc. and when you finally see amazing results with just the top of the engine you can believe and justify the mess that is gonna be made as you take on the whole job of degreasing the whole thing and undercarriage.

Of course you cannot expect the car to be at all presentable in the 'middle' of the messy degreasing project... The same is true when you start taking on a REAL cleansing with a REAL Cleansing/Restorative agent such as Iodine.

This Iodine works SO WELL that it keeps on working--ongoing for a good week and more after I temporarily stopped the last time...Kinda like how long it takes to stop or even turn around an oil tanker or aircraft carrier--Miles!

It is known as "Herxheimer's" effect and it means that you are biting off almost 'too much' to chew if you are at all overwhelmed at any point.

Good advice you got there to find what the effects are and how long the huge vessel will coast on momentum alone before you shut off the main engines or try to turn out of the way in a quick panic decision to lessen some level of symptoms.

We all just want to GET RID of this disease producing stuff right out of our bodies-- and offer it no quarter at all--! But-- this is not just any other store bought kinda vitamin that is so weak it could pass as even a placebo.

No, this is what 'really' cleans house of the causes of ill health and disease.

This Iodine works SO WELL that it keeps on working-- ongoing for a good week.

You are not into some namby pamby vitamin health-food-store supplemental strength detoxification of your body tissues.

This is the real deal, and when you decide to walk up to your camp fire and dump too much manure into the flame to be incinerated all at once and not see that the flame may go uncomfortably low, or that too much stinky smoke fills the TeePee, then we either learn real quick or enter into panic mode and lose our senses as to recognizing that this Herxheimer cleansing effect and these symptomologies are just part of the process.

Is there a 'pretty' way to quickly get rid of all this stuff?

Let me know if you find one.

I do not consider having to be later coming under the scalpel all that pretty of an alternative. I like a women's natural beautiful breasts and my prostate right to stay right where they are.

If I choose to load up on Iodine and it is as the stirring too much sediment from the bottom of my little pond I swim in and I start to wonder how long it will be till the water is clear and clean again, then the answer might just be a week or even week and a half till what you have stirred as detox/Herxheimer cleansing effect is cleared.

I was listening to an internet show last night where the host recounted a story about a parent taking their child for a swim and the child throwing up violently following each swim. The parent called the officials and was given a cold shoulder until finally getting the truth-- and was even 'threatened with losing custody of the child' in an unexpected turnaround-- detailing the fact that after a rain, the local lakes get a toxic level of pollution that is not 2x or 10x or even a 100-or-1000x the norm -- but actually "60,000 times" the normal load of toxins and that to take a child swimming in a local lake after a storm could make a parent liable for child abuse!

Could it be true that a similar condition may exist in our own body-biosytems?

Don't lose faith or heart.

You have searched years for something to use to undo years of being poisoned against your will by the corporate machine with chlorines, fluorines, and bromides. This is a tool that is finally something at your own free will disposal to create a wholeness and healing as never before--but it is possible for you to overdo it and get too much Herxheimer cleansing effect and with all the brain-fog and headaches come to some conclusions that the Iodine naysayers will lick their chops at and easily hold your temorary cleansing state up ludrcrously somehow as "Iodine Poisioning" when the Japanese and even people here on an Iodine Forum are takinging up to 1000 mg vs. the couple of 6.5 mg you may be taking and doing great.

I have worked up to on again/off again chunks of time with first two drops and now up to 6-8 in the salt water. It is IMPORTANT to take the Salt and other things recommended here
so your body will properly flush out the poisons and not just recirculate them in the blood/liver/kidney/G.I. tract feedback loops...
Just have patience with yourself. You have arrived.

It IS a process that is totally worth it and sometimes hard won at first...Step by step!
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