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DETOX~ ADJUNCT PROTOCOLS~ What is the purpose of salt-loading?

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Salt Loading Dramatically Accelerates the Eliminatiom of Bromides   by PTree   16 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Treatment of Bromism

The most important element of treatment is cessation of bromide exposure. Additional treatment of bromide toxicity has traditionally involved saline loading (administration of large quantities of sodium chloride in water, typically by vein), which enhances kidney excretion of bromide. The chloride ion from sodium chloride competes with and replaces the bromide ion throughout the body. WHILE THE USUAL HALF-LIFE OF BROMIDE (the time for half of the body's complement of bromide to be eliminated) IS 12-14 DAYS (Horowitz, 1997), A HALF-LIFE OF 65 HOURS HAS BEEN CALCULATED WITH SALINE LOADING. Cases failing to respond to saline loading have been successfully treated with mannitol or "loop" diuretics (a type of diuretic, or water-excretion enhancing agent, that acts on a specific part of the kidney), and one report calculated a half-life of 1.65 hours with "diuresis," using the agents mannitol and ethacrynic acid (Horowitz, 1997). Hemodialysis has been used to treat bromism. Calculated bromide half-lives with hemodialysis in different case reports have been 1.78 hours (in a case report from 1951) (Merrill and Weller, 1952), 0.9 hours, and 1.38 hours in a more recent case report (Horowitz, 1997). Hemodialysis led to prompt resolution of focal neurological signs in a patient who failed to respond to saline (sodium chloride solution) (Horowitz, 1997). Patients with a depressed mental status due to bromism, or with bromide levels in excess of 200 mg/dL (25 mmol/L) may not achieve nontoxic levels (without treatment) for almost a month and would require five days of saline loading to achieve levels below 50 mg/dL (6.3 mmol/L), the threshold of what is normally construed as the toxic level (Horowitz, 1997). Therefore, in these cases it may be appropriate to use hemodialysis to remove the bromide ion from the blood rather than relying on the kidney (Horowitz, 1997).

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Salt pull and epsom salts while on Lugols by summerhaunt   by wombat   16 year 1 of 1 (100%)


Since starting Lugol's, I've noticed the salt pull completely takes care of barometric pressure pain. I usually just do the one salt pull, when I take my 8 drops of Lugol's in the morning, which does help with a lot of the misc. aches and pains. However, one night when tried going to sleep, I was getting a lot of the deep, down to the bone, muscle pain I get when there's a big weather change on the way. I thought, what the hey, and did a salt push. The pain went away right away. I've noticed if I keep up on the salt pushes, most of the time I'm not getting the barometric pressure pain at all.

Yesterday, I skipped the salt push. Big mistake. I was in major pain last night and couldn't sleep. Today, you can look outside to tell it is going to storm, so it's very obvious the pain last night was related to the weather. I went ahead last night and did a salt push, and the pain was 80% gone within 5 minutes, totally gone within 10 minutes, and I was then able to sleep. I do think I have to experiment to see how many salt pushes I need a day (and what I can stomach ... swallowing the Sea Salt water to me is very much like swallowing an Epsom Salt and water drink, yuck).

My theory (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), is this: Many scientists/doctors don't believe in barometric pressure pain because they can't prove it exists. It isn't measurable. They theorize it may be swelling at the cellular level, but because it's so microscopic they can't measure it. For some of us, I think it's like squeezing a bath toy. The toy gets squeezed, but there's no where for the water inside to go, and the toy goes through a lot of stress. If there are holes in the toy, when squeezed the water can go in and out of the toy as it needs ... no real stress to the toy. I think the salt push opens up the cell so it can allow fluids in and out more efficiently, allowing it to equalize as needed with the barometric pressure changes.

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SALT LOADING PROTOCOL by Newport, Highonwater, Savagegrace, Monica999...   by wombat   16 year 1 of 1 (100%)



William Shevin, MD, uses a specific protocol to clear bromide
detox symptoms if they occur while taking iodine.

Dr Shevin presented his* Salt Loading Protocol at the February
'07 Iodine conference:

* 1/4 teaspoon* salt dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water, then
followed immediately with 12-16 oz pure water.

* Repeat in 30-45 minutes if needed. May repeat again until
copious urination begins.

. * Observe subjective response (usually within several

*Celtic Sea Salt is preferred. Be sure to ask your doctor before
implementing this or any medical strategy.

Iodine Investigation Project participants have found 1/2 teaspoon
salt dissolved in water works faster than the 1/4 teaspoon dose.


Newport on salt loading BEFORE supplementing Iodine so as to avoid bloating...


Salt loading can take 3-5 days to normalize. You can add some potassium to help out but salt should have been added well before starting and by now your retention should have leveled off.


by High on Water....


"I have swelled in the eyes, face, throat, hands, ankles, feet, um - I think everywhere! I have learned (at least for ME) that doing the salt-loading protocol works the best when I do it three times in a row, with 30 minutes between each of the three "pushes", using a 1/2 tsp of this brand of Seasalt of which I find at my own local health food store.

I drink 16 ounces of fresh water after each push, instead of 12. And yes, I then eliminate quite well-thank-you-very-much, (out of "both exits") and the swelling reduces wonderfully!

I cannot say this will work as well for your sister, but it has worked quite well for me. If she's worried about the salt, she can (of course) try the 1/4 tsp first, with each "push", and 12 ounces of water instead of 16.

Everybody's body is different."


By Savagegrace...


Are you one of those stuck with a low number of Lugol's drops?

The detox just kicks your butt?

Well, maybe that's not the case.

It's rather obvious it is detox though, isn't it?

So, what's the problem?

Let me tell you the continuing saga of our receptionist.

If you recall:

Bladder infection terminated in 4 hours.


She attempted to use her ole standby of silver biotics to halt a bladder infection.

For the first time, it didn't work.

4 hours and 35 drops of Lugol's later. Complete relief.

This was towards evening so when she went to bed she expected to have a Mother of a headache in the morning.

Next morning, feels fine, no detox.

(I'll speculate here that the silver product had the same affect as a salt detox)

(Further, she took it a couple of hours before the Lugol's)

We come to last Wednesday morning.

She comes into my lab stating she's on her way to see her Doctor because of abdominal pain and a strange tight feeling in the inner thighs.

The pain is intense. (She wouldn't see the Doctor otherwise)

But she wants to "consult" with me prior to running off to see the Doc.

Come to find out she once again had a bladder infection outbreak. This time brought on by attempting to use the Master-Cleanse formula for reasons other than it's intended purpose.

Her logic was justified but with her Candida, not really a wise move.

So, because it worked before why not do the high number of Lugol's drops again?

And again great results in killing the bladder infection pain asap.

Next morning however, no typical detox headaches.

For some reason however, she didn't connect the new symptoms with halogen detox.

So by the time she made it to work, she was ready to see the Doctor due to the amount of pain she was in.

After we chatted we both agreed it was detox.

She immediatly went for the salt water.

Within 15 minutes (I kid you not) she was back in the lab telling me the symptoms were disappearing.

I checked on her 2 hours later and she gave me an all clear.

So last Thursday we have a chat about things and do some speculation.

So last night she tried one of the things we discussed.

She did a salt water loading 2 hours before the Lugol's.

She did 20 drops!

Comes in this morning with zero detox and feelin' GOOD.

For this poor lass, feein' good is comparable to my feelin' GREAT.

So? Was she at the borderline point being done with the halogen detox?

Or is this a case of low resources (akin to not having resources for pH control)?

Tis something to think about.

It could very well be that a number of low drop forum members lack the resources to start with!

So if yer feeling brave, try a pre-loading of salt water a couple of hours before the iodine.

To your GREAT health.



Monica999 on preemptive salt-loading:


I prefer to start it in the morning so I can feel my body respond to the iodine.

Also, you dont want to sleep through detox, as in headaches because its a sign of bromine overload that is circulating in the blood and cant be easily eliminated without help.

So, what you want to do is a so called salt load as described below:

Basically you take 1/4 - 1/2 tsp Sea Salt in 1/2 cup warm water followed immediately by another 12-16 oz of water. The chloride will push the bromide out via the kidneys in the urine. Result: No headache or brain fog :)

It increases bromide elimination up to 10-fold!

Make sure to use a good quality salt such as "Himalayan Crystal Salt" or "Redmonts Real Salt"

I do my first salt load early in the morning, first thing, even before my first Iodine intake. It prevents headaches and/or brainfog alltogether.

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