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DISEASE STATES~OSTEOPOROSIS~ Can iodine therapy help?

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Halogen Imbalance # 7 femoral neck by Vulcanel   by wombat   16 year


See this powerpoint presentation

specificallly, slide #30.

After ingesting small amounts of fluoride over 20-30 years, fluoride gets into the cortical tissue of the femoral neck and makes it brittle. See the other slides and studies with the data correlating fluoride content with bone weakening.

The femoral neck is like a case-hardened bolt, with the cortical mass being the case. Once the case loses its "temper", then it fails, snaps, and a person needs a hip replacement.

Bones are alive. They are not rocks. Immediately upon ingestion, Iodine goes into the bones. Since it is known to displace fluoride from other tissues, my bet is that it replaces fluoride from bone tissues as well.

Having the proper halogen balance can save one a hip replacement. Typically, about 1/3 people over age 65 who have hip replacement do not live more than one year afterwards.

It is probably not a coincidence, that the number of hip fractures and replacement operations have increased at the same time we have seen increases in other symptoms of halogen imbalance syndrome caused as a result of the combined effects of: 1) water fluoridation; 2) introduction of bromides into the masses' food supply; and 3) general substantial reduction of the level of Iodine present in the masses' food supply.

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