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H.I.S. causes accelerated aging by Vulcanel   by wombat   16 year


"Two years ago, Dr. Marcia E. Herman-Giddens and colleagues described the results of physical examinations of 17,077 American girls, which revealed that white girls were showing bodily signs of sexual maturity an average of one year earlier than previous studies had indicated, and black girls two years earlier. On the average, breast development was notable before age 10 in white girls and before age 9 in black girls, and the growth of pubic hair generally occurred about a year later. But even at age 7, 27 percent of black girls and nearly 7 percent of white girls had begun to grow breasts, pubic hair or both."

If what Dr. Abraham et al say about Iodine pushing fluorides out is true, then Iodine may be a weapon against accelerated aging due to excessive fluoride intake, which is a form of Halogen Imbalance Syndrome (H.I.S.)

According to Dr. Abraham and Flechas, over 90% of the country may suffer from H.I.S. and most aren't even aware of this silent syndrome.

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