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If I'm taking prescription hormones (allopathic/bio-identicals), should I continue with the hormones if I start orthoiodosupplementation?

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Supplemental oral hormones & iodine therapy   by Infinitelove   16 year 2 of 2 (100%)

To determine whether or not to continue your prescription hormones and/or your bio-identicals is contingent upon how you respond to them. Ask yourself the question, "Is this prescription making a viably recognizable difference in the way I feel, act/react or otherwise experience my life?"

I was on bio-identicals (progesterone, testosterone & Synthroid/Armour) for nearly a year. I studied, read and conferred with knowledgeable professionals AND members of CZ before hitting the proverbial wall of frustration. Each time I went to the pharmacy to purchase these pharmaceuticals, I cringed. Every fiber in my being balked at the idea of having to rely on BIG PHARMA for anything I needed...and that's an all-inclusive statement.

Both my father & mother were physicians, so I'm quite well versed with the medical landscape. Both parents' health were sub-optimal once they achieved middle age with my father dying a rather tortuous death with the help of Reynold's Tobacco Corp. Nothing the hospital did for him checked the cancer/pain and my father's own medical expertise was fruitless as he accepted every medical modality proffered to him. Morphine was his most substantial ally.

My journey with these so-called 'meds' was less than successful. I felt no different. They even failed the placebo directive! Every 4 months I'd have the same blood tests which negated the supposed 'value' of each of the bio-identicals. Improvement was at least, minimal. NOT worth the money nor the time investment.

Then I discovered iodine. Sweet iodine. It was after conferring with a few knowledgeable proponents of the therapy (one of which was of the forum owners), that I determined to 'have at it' and allow my body to heal itself.

Such a novel consideration!! "To allow the body to heal itself!"

One fine morning, upon awakening, instead of opening up my tube of Armour thyroid for my daily dose, I simply tossed it into the wastecan, followed by the progesterone & the testosterone.

That was 5 months ago. I've been diligently following orthoiodosupplementation since February, '07. It's now August, and I can realistically report that with the exorcism of the Big Pharma tentacles, I feel better than I have for a long time (I'm currently 54). Each time I hesitated with the iodine, I reaffirmed my committment with further reading, research and questioning. It wasn't easy by any means for the H.I.S. imbalance was notable. Uterine fibroids demanded extraction some years back.

To sum, I can report a significant improvement with the Iodine (and its companion nutriceuticals). There are marked improvements, two of which are an increase in cellular communication (systemic improvement/upgrade) and neurosynaptic bursts (I think better!).

If you have any further questions, I'm here to help.
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