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I tried a new technique for those bromide LNdolls   by wombat   16 year


Even when I remember to do the chloride push, they take a while to dry up and heal, it seems... and I had this thought that if the chloride helps on the inside.. might it not help on the outside as well. So, I made a tiny cup of my palm, dribbled water into it and added some potassium chloride... and applied it to the bumps. One went flat in an hour.. completely flat - still pink, scabbing but flat - no hurting. The other one took two applications, and same thing.. flat, and no more hurting. I did leave the salt on until it dried. No rubbing or scrubbing.
The others were further along in healing.. no change.
I don't know if it was the potassium or the chloride... Neither will hurt the skin, right??

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