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I am a LARGE man on Day 2. I am in this for the long haul. 30 days or more. But, with my size, I will lose alot of weight. Am I gonna have alot of excess skin?

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That answer was the must opposite of what happened.   by #11744   8 year 1 of 1 (100%)

I can't believe some one insulted everyones intelligence by saying you will not lose a lot of weight. Every point they made seemed to be trying to discourage the person from trying.

I did a 35 day Water Fast started at 192 lbs got down to 144 I'm 5'8". That was smaller then my skinny high school stick looking male weight! My skin lagged behind but was tight as when I was in high school after I got done. Of course your going to lose a LOT of weight. The more you weight the more you will lose.

Read the books by KNOWLEDGEABLE MD's There are so many MD's that have NO training on it that they think you can only go a few days without dying! One lied to me before I made a appointment, and thought I would be dead after 3 days because the body cant go more than 3 days without food. Wrong Doc I have been on it for WAY more than 3 days already! Your thinking of not having water not food!

That's how ignorant they are on the subject. Make sure they ALREADY have Water Fasting patients. If they do THEN ask them! You will see every douchbag point of that answer is WRONG!

Or read the MEDICAL Doctors books on fasting. FREE
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Fasting and excess skin   by FocusOnHealth   11 year 1 of 3 (33%)

There are four answers to your question:

1. Even if you're a large man, and even if you do fast for 30 straight days, you won't likely to lose that much weight.

2. In the unlikely event you do lose a ton of weight, then some excess/loose skin is a definite possibilty. However, the human skin is quite flexible. Therefore it's unlikely that you will have a lot of loose skin!

3. And this is important, if you expect to lose a ton of weight -- start exercising! IF, beginning with day ONE, YOU EXERCISE EVERY DAY, then you should end up with no loose skin at all! -- That woman on Oprah was very likely a couch potato.

4. In the unlikely event you end up with a lot of loose skin, all you need is a ton of money. And then you'll be able to finance the Hollywood lifestyle of the typical butcher/medical doctor/plastic surgeon who can't cure anything, can't prescribe anything healthy, has no artistic talent, but he's pretty good with his knife. And then, in return for approx. $15,000 CASH per hour that you pay in advance, and without any money back guarantee, he will most likely remove most of that loose skin.

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