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Anyone have an extremely warm body temp water fasting?

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Body temperature, water fasting, water intoxication, water   by FocusOnHealth   11 year

An extremely warm body temperature during your water fast?

What is "extremely warm"? Can you be more specific? What's been the highest temperature you've observed so far during your water fast?

Usually the opposite is true. While you're fasting, your body tries to adapt to the lack of food (by assuming there is a famine), and your body conserves energy by reducing your body temperature.

During Water Fasting there is protein sparing that minimizes muscle loss, as the body adapts to the lack of incoming protein, by drawing upon mostly fat for energy. Even so, metabolism does and should slow down during an extended water fast.

During your Water Fast I hope you aren't drinking too much water. An excessive intake of water without the corresponding amount of electrolytes can lead to hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication that can lead to coma and death. See

If you have an easy access to a medical lab, you might want to use this window of opportunity to get your thyroid hormone profile by spot blood testing your TSH, T4, FT4, T3, FT3, and PRL during your water fasting. The tests are unnecessary, but will likely satisfy your curiosity.

For example, if you're too warm, you may be hyperthyroid as manifested by your thyroid hormones.

However, chances are there is no reason to be concerned. Chances are you'll be "normal" again, as soon as your Water Fast is over.
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