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How do you know when its time to break a fast?

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Q: How do you know when its time to break a fast?

A: Some of the more successful folks are able to fast for up to 56 days. And then there are many ordinary falks who -- thanks to the fear of the unknown -- they keep finding excuses to break their fast as soon as possible.

As to breaking your fast, there are three triggers that I know of...

1) The first trigger one is an external message.
If you read somewhere that "You should not fast
longer than one week!", and if that's the verbal
message you keep recalling, then chances are you're
going to break the fast after five, six, or seven
days. Just because you fear that something awful is
going to happen to you on day eight.

2) The second trigger is an internal message related
to your mind. If you derive excessive pleasure
from eating and drinking, and if you hold before your
eyes many mental pictures of various desirable dishes,
or if you make the mistake of shopping for foods while
fasting, then, chances are, you're going to break the
fast significantly earlier than you should.

3) The third trigger is an internal message related to your body. During the fast, old injuries may become irritated and painful. As the body is looking for dead and damaged tissues, lymphocytes enter older, damaged tissues. As the body secrets substances to dissolve these damaged cells. they irritate the nerves in the surrounding region, and cause aches and pains that disappeared many years earlier. This kind of pain is good, because your body is completing a healing process. However, if you experience too much healing pain, your will experience fear. And your fear is going to trigger a premature break of your fast.

4) It's also important to differentiate between healing pain and hunger pain. If you experience hunger pain -- it is a sudden, intense, and sharp kind of pain you cannot miss -- then your body is trying to tell you it's time to break the fast.

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