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heart pain and electrolyte imbalance at 2 weeks

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Fast break at 2 weeks due to heartPain/electrolyte imbalance   by sapru   7 year

I'm 34 male. Height 5"11', weight 180/lbs. I'm healthy but have Arthritis in knees, back and neck. I just finished my 2 weeks of Water Fasting of what i was planning to take to 40-45 days.
I had pain in the heart area on day 15th. This time i had pain in the back muscles right behind and side of the heart too so that made me alarmed as it signaled a heart related pain. Whenever i had any chest pain before, i never had pain anywhere else. So i went to ER. They did an ECG and all was normal but there were some small spikes all along. Then blood tests were done and they saw that i was deficient in potassium, and had lower levels of all other electrolytes. The doctor scolded me for 5 minutes but i know how conditioned these guys are. My faith in fasting remains same as before.
The pain remained for 24 hours.
So i broke the fast.

My question is:

Did i do the right thing by breaking it or should i have instead continued on a juice fast and took it to like 60 days+ so that my electrolytes are restored and my body heals?

I didn't want to take any risk on the heart as it's the first time i had pain for such long so i took the safer route.

Going forward i plan to have minimal diet, fasting intermittently daily 20/4, like eat small pieces of raw veggies, and hope that heals my body if i continue this diet for maybe 1-2 years. I have Arthritis all over. Can this diet also heal as the energy used for digestion is minimal?
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