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Would it be alright to break a water fast on a homemade broth of onions, carrots, and celery? I'd rather not do juices or fruits because I heard the high sugar content causes more extreme appetite.

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Home made broth   by Rower   11 year

Hi. The broth you are talking about may be the best thing, because it is way easier to digest than any salad. If it is all that you are going to eat the first day, sip it all day long - 1 small sip every 15-30 min. This way you'll enjoy your first meal all day long. Play each sip in the mouth to mix well with saliva.
Look up a recipe for the Breuss' Onion Broth and get yourself a little book The Breuss Cancer Cure.
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raw re-feeding influenced by Bragg   by DesertLili   11 year

Bragg recommends cabbage + carrot salad with little lemon.
No oil. I would replace salad for blend, because I feel otherwise the GIT might be challenged with a sudden dump of heavy fibers. If you thing your intestines/bowels have no before-fasting residue, i.e. you cleaned well before or during fasting, the best is not too sweet, gentle fiber-ed fruit - like papaya, pear, blueberries, you get the idea. Me personally I would even do 1/2 to 1 day of coconut water before the fruit. Key: chew 10-20 times each bite, pace your intake.
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onions may not be best   by yellowflower67   13 year

I would not recommend the onions. A Pastor I know did the same and the onions made him very sick. I would take out the onions in that broth. I've also heard that a whole food would be best to get the bowels moving again.
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