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How long should I do a water fast to heal a deep cavity?

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Depends where it is   by botev1921   10 year

Fasting can heal pretty much anything. A mouth cavity can be tricky to heal as the mouth secretes a lot during fasting. I suggest 10-14 day fast and wash your mouth with extra virgin olive oil once a day (DO NOT DRINK IT)!
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Cavity, fasting, etc.   by FocusOnHealth   10 year

1. Cavity in your jaw,
cavity in one of your teeth, or
cavity somewhere else?

2. It will depend on:
- your age,
- your gender,
- your nutritional status,
- your other health issues, known or unknown, if any,
- how well you're fasting,
- how often you're fasting,
- how well that cavity has been cleaned, and
- how deep that cavity is.

3. There are no rules of thumb; there are no hard and fast rules. Yes, it should heal. However, there are no assurances that it will ever heal.

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