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i've decided to go on a liquid fast consisting of juice and water, although i also had my two cups of coffe. is it wrong to drink coffee when you are fasting. i'm not fasting for health reason, its to solve a problem in my life. i've given up food for 3 days. please tell me if its wrong to drink coffee and why

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Coffee and fasting   by FocusOnHealth   10 year

1. You're living in a world of fantasy and fiction, if you think you're fasting. You're not fasting because:
a) You keep drinking fruit juices, and because
b) You keep drinking coffee.

2. You're on a liquid diet with many benefits. For example, you will never chip a tooth on a liquid diet.

3. Drinking coffee is not the worst thing you're able to do. Further, your coffee drinking habit is not going to stop the non-existent fast that you're on. However, if you must use coffee products, and in you want to benefit from using coffee, then consider getting coffee enemas instead.

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