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What can I do to see better? My vision is getting worse. My glasses getting stronger?

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Vision Question   by North Star   8 year

Try The Bates Method and/or a nutritional approach to healing eyesight. Especially helpful for the nutritional approach is the Weston A. Price diet, as I call it. Otherwise, it is known as the diet that is in Sally Fallon's cookbook. She is an author who wrote "Nourishing Traditions". Unfortunately, I had to put that in quotes as there is no underline option. Good luck! Vision problems are 100% curable. A good place to start with the Bates Method, if only to familiarize yourself with all the things that can be cured, is Thomas Quackenbush's synopsis of the method -- "Relearning to See". The Bates Method can cure anything, even blindness. Personally, I think the nutritional approach is better, though, so take that approach if you can. Quackenbush's book and his book that consolidates/summarizes Dr. Bates' old publications of his magazine will allow you to see that very many (all?) eye diseases can be cured in general. This will give you hope for healing it nutritionally as you will see that any and all eye diseases are curable. Especially good for eyesight from the "Weston A. Price diet" are cod liver oil, high-vitamin butter oil, and bone broth.
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What can I do to see better? My vision is getting worse. My glasses getting stronger?   by #88262   14 year 0 of 1 (0%)

Check out this website it will tell you all about The Cambridge Cure & other fakes.

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Try Cambridge Inst. for Better Vision   by Ms.Four   14 year 0 of 1 (0%)

I just found a site called The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision (Google it). It has a wealth of information on all-natural self-improvement methods to correct mis-use of the eyes which result in vision impairment.

In addition, they have a subscription service. It's usually $20/month, but after I subscribed to their free newsletter, I was offered the chance to subscribe for $10/month. I intend to do that, as soon as I can clear a little space on my calender. It will be worth it to me to have all the information in one place for my own vision therapy efforts.

Good luck with your vision health explorations!
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